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Solar Storm : GPS, Communication Could Be Disrupted By Solar Flares

The most current event is a solar storm that could trigger some damages to the Earth. NASA forecasts the solar storm could strike the Earth today, July 19, and also interrupt radio and GPS signals.

What Is A Solar Storm?

A solar storm or a solar flare is an eruption of electromagnetic radiation in the Sun’s environment. When solar flares take place in active regions of the Sun’s ambience, they may even be accompanied by coronal mass ejections, solar fragment occasions, as well as other solar sensations. The event of solar flares differs with the 11-year solar cycle.

Solar Storm Alert Today

A physicist for has explained the solar storm that’s anticipated to strike the Earth today. She required to social media to explain the holy occasion and also just how it could impact the Earth “The lengthy snake-like filament cartwheeled its way off the #Sun in a magnificent ballet,” Dr. Tamitha Skov said via a tweet.

“The magnetic alignment of this Earth-directed #solarstorm is going to be tough to predict. G2-level (possibly G3) problems might take place if the electromagnetic field of this storm is oriented southward!” her tweet even more proceeded.

“Direct Hit! A snake-like filament launched as a large #solarstorm while in the Earth-strike area. NASA anticipates impact early July 19. Strong #aurora shows feasible with this one, deep right into mid-latitudes. Amateur #radio & #GPS customers expect signal disturbances in the world’s nightside,” a tweet from NASA discussed.

Solar Storm Impact On Earth.

The solar storm influencing Earth could develop some stunning visions. To note, the Geomagnetic tornados are measured on a ‘G scale’ from one to 5 wherein G1 is minor as well as G5 is extreme. Passing the previous info, the solar storm impacting the Earth today is possible G3, which could be on a medium scale.

The G3 scale of the solar storm will bring about active aurora lights near the North Pole, noticeable in nations like Sweden as well as Norway. At the same time, the G3 scale of the solar storm could interrupt superhigh frequency or power grid power outages. It may also bring about communication blackouts, which could also influence the whole globe.

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