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'Soft Landing' Accelerator Program to Help Space Industry Startups in New Mexico

Selected space startups from the United States and a few countries have been chosen to be a part of the accelerator program. Together with the US Space Force, the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) funded the “Soft Landing.”

‘Soft Landing’ Program Selects Various Space Startups

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Air Force Research Laboratory and US Space Force have chosen the space startups that will participate in the “Soft Landing” program. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

According to a report by on Wednesday, Oct.27, the Air Force Research Lab and the US Space Force confirmed that they have already finalized the list of select startups focusing on space studies.

Out of the chosen startups, six of them came from the US while the rest hail from other countries. The “Soft Landing” program aims to bring more programs, especially to New Mexico-based space startups.

The AFRL has also sponsored accelerator programs for the Catalyst Campus and Hyperspace.

SpaceWERX deputy director Gabe Mounce talked more about the role of accelerators in businesses. According to him, these programs brought important collaborations of the startups with the government.

“And we are making it easier for the Space Force and other government partners to learn about emerging technologies,” Mounce added.

According to the official website of SpaceWERX, it aims to expand its space industrial base through several partnerships of the industries and operational experts in the military sector. It is currently based in Los Angeles with millions of partners worldwide.

The Space Force and the AFRL support the Q Station-operating “Soft Landing” program. The accelerator project is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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List of Select Startups For Accelerator Program

In line with the space startups participating in the workspace, here’s the full list of them:

  • SPin Tech: This Albuquerque-based startup is known for creating a universal adapter that will match with the incompatible satellite pieces.

  • Neutron Star Systems: This German space startup is currently working with an electric propulsion system that will be suited for space exploration.

  • Rogue Space Systems: The team behind this group is focused on bringing out a smart spacecraft. It is based in New Hampshire.

  • Blue Eye Soft: This South Carolina startup is focused on making AI models for satellite problem predictions during the occurrence of weather changes in space.

  • Equatorial Space Systems: A Singaporean startup that aims to build a hybrid-engine rocket.

  • Leaf Space: This Delaware-headquartered provider is eyeing to construct a next-gen Ground Station Network.

Steve Wozniak’s Space Venture

Back in September, Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak shared his plans about a possible space company that would be unique from a regular startup.

While many space firms focus on tourism and travel, Wozniak’s “Privateer” company would help in eradicating space junks. The main purpose why it was created in the first place is to lessen the pollution in space.

Earlier this week, reported that Wozniak recruited a chief scientific adviser for “Privateer.” Moriba Jah, a known space environmentalist, has officially landed on the team.

In other news, drone delivery firm Flytrex announced plans about service expansion across Holly Springs, North Carolina.

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