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Smartphone Pinkie: Holding Your Smartphone For Long Hours Could be Bad |Take Note of These Problems

Smartphone pinkie has been a controversial topic earlier this week when one user tweeted about its dangers. If you are holding your smartphone using your pinky finger, you might want to think about it again.

There’s a claim that you can actually damage your hand and wrist by improperly holding your gadget. Here are some of the problems that you can experience as cited by an expert.

Why Smartphone Pinkie is Alarming Many Users

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Are you holding your smartphone the right way? Here’s the truth about the “smartphone pinkie.”

Slate wrote in its report on Friday, Oct.22 that many implications are born out of improper phone holding, hence the so-called “smartphone pinkie.”

According to Venture Orthopedics hand surgeon Josh Gluck, there’s no specific pathology in the case of holding the phone with a pinky.

“The ulnar nerve, which runs from your neck to your elbow and all the way into your pinkie, can cause a strange sensation in that digit if you sleep on your elbow funny or otherwise hold your elbow at a weird angle for a long period of time. But holding your phone “with your pinkie has nothing to do with your ulnar nerve,” Gluck said.

The expert added that spending long hours while grasping your device could result in many health issues. For instance, you can experience shoulder pain and a hunch when you maintain the bent posture of your head. 

In addition, a one-hand gripping of the phone could yield a condition dubbed as “trigger finger” Specifically, this is where you can experience inflammation in your thumb tendons. During the situation, your finger could be immobilized in a curled position and the tendon has difficulty in sliding through its sheath.

Gluck notes that the position of the pinkie does not have a relation to the wrist pain that users experience when holding their smartphones.

The Ventura Ortho website says that it’s because of the inflamed tendons that are connected to the thumb.

Later, the expert said that there’s nothing harmful about the smartphone pinkie. However, take note that a formation of a dent or callus in your pinkie could take place as a result.

Furthermore, Gluck clarified that if you continuously suffer from a painful pinkie, that could be an indication that you have mild tendonitis.

If this problem arises, you might want to resort to using PopSocket when holding your phone. He also said that you also have the option to stop using it.

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Why Use PopSockets For Your Phone?

According to a previous report by Android Central, PopSockets are nice accessories that every user should purchase for their mobile device. The tech site wrote that it offers stability and prevents mistakes in typing and unintentional swiping.

There’s a definite improvement for your phone grip through this item. It would also help you in keeping your gadget in a desirable position.

Further Smartphone Myths

Back in March, a study showed that smartphones can avoid glaucoma blindness. The research busted the myth about the phone’s adverse effects on a person’s health. Through utilizing an eye model, the mobile measurement method could identify the Intraocular pressure (IOP) in an eye.

In case the IOP levels are high, there will be an imbalance of the aqueous humor, a fluid produced by the eye. You can also read more about the article discussing the association between tech use and mental health problems.

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