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'Skyrim Anniversary Edition' Is Crashing Because It's Apparently Running TOO Well

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

“Skyrim Anniversary Edition” owners with modded saves, have you encountered some weird game crashes lately? If you have, then you’re not alone.

(Photo : Steam )

Photo taken from Skyrim Anniversary Edition Steam page

If you’re running your latest re-release of the classic “Elder Scrolls” title, chances are it’s crashing because it’s apparently “too well,” according to PC Gamer.

This problem only happens after loading a modded save file–specifically if you use ones that are heavily scripted, like follower mods.

The problem involves “Skyrim Anniversary Edition” getting stuck at a black screen when you load an affected save file. Considering that a lot of players who own “Skyrim” on PC will play with mods anyway, this could be a major problem.

According to various user reports online (particularly Reddit), the reason for the bug is because a recent update to “Skyrim Anniversary Edition” was running scripts way faster than older builds can.

The update, as per the users, is one which installs Visual Studio 2019 instead of the previous 2015 version. This will automatically install if you own either the Anniversary Edition or the not-upgraded Special Edition.

Bethesda has tweeted about the issue after receiving multiple user reports, claiming that they’re “currently investigating login issues.”

⚠ We’re currently investigating login issues with Mods. Thank you for your patience. StatusPage:

— Bethesda Support (@BethesdaSupport) November 11, 2021

If you click on the link that Bethesda posted, you’ll be led to a status portal where it seems every online service of theirs is operational. The link redirects to

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Is There A Fix For It?

Since the bug comes from an official update, it can be tricky to try and fix it. But a few people on the web claim to have already found a workaround, as per the original PC Gamer report.

On the subreddit Skyrim Mods, a modder who goes by the handle JosephRussell97 (who gained fame for the Lucien follower mod) posted the reason for the bug, alongside a solution.

The simplest is that if you’re running a modded save file on “Skyrim Anniversary Edition ” (and if you specifically have JosephRussell’s Lucien mod), all you have to do is download and install the latest version, which is 1.6.3.

For those who don’t use Lucien, the temporary fix can be just to disable all mods that you know are heavily dependent on scripts. Again, this is more often than not Follower-type mods like Lucien.

Until Bethesda themselves offers an official solution to this crashing bug, you’re going to have to make compromises. But then again, the fix is only temporary–there’s no guarantee it’s going to run like butter if you turn all potentially offending mods off.

(Photo : Steam )

Photo taken from Skyrim Anniversary Edition Steam page

Not Just A PC Problem Anymore

It used to be that games such as “Skyrim” could only be modded on PC. But Bethesda made sure to include console players in on the action already.

As such, this crashing problem on “Skyrim Anniversary Edition” is also allegedly a problem for Xbox owners, as per other user reports on the subreddit Skyrim Mods Xbox.

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