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'Sims 4' Launches Scenarios: Players Decisions Affected Outcome of the Story

“The Sims 4” is offering something new for players to try out and enjoy in the game. It now features what it calls “Scenarios,” which are stories within the game whose outcomes are affected by the decisions of the player. 

The first three Scenarios are now available: “Making Money,” “Finding Love After a Break Up,” and “Too Many Toddlers.” Players must first download the November 2 patch update in order to access Scenarios.

‘Sims 4’ Launches Scenarios

(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Electronic Arts website)

“Sims 4” and Electronic Arts are bringing a new update called Scenarios, which are “goal-based stories within the game where a player’s choice impacts the outcome,” according to the announcement posted on the Electronic Arts (EA) website. 

What this means is that the outcome of every story will depend on the choices that the player makes. 

To access Scenarios, players must click on the New Scenario button, which can be found on the Main Menu, and then choose the specific Scenario to play. Players must then choose if they want to create a new save or opt to use an existing save. 

Only new households can take part in Scenarios as of writing, so players will be taken to CAS to create a new household. Once a household has been created, players will then get to pick the world and lot they want to play the Scenario in. 

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First Three Scenarios Now Available 

The first three Scenarios are now available via the November 2 patch. According to EA, these three scenarios are referred to as “Challenge Scenarios” as there is a challenging aspect in each of them. 

The first Scenario is called “Making Money,” where a Sim starts with zero Simoleons. The goal of this Scenario is to make your Sim a millionaire despite starting out with no household funds at all. 

The other Scenarios known as “Finding Love After a Break Up” and “Too Many Toddlers.” A report by PC Gamer refers to “Too Many Toddlers” as a “slightly less grueling version” of the 100 babies challenge. 

According to a separate post on the EA website, the goal of “Too Many Toddlers” is to make sure three toddlers in the household get a Happy Toddler Reward Trait by the time of their birthday. 

Per Electronic Arts, players can expect more Scenarios to come in the future.

Other Things to Know About Scenarios

Before you check out Scenarios, there are other things you need to know about it first. 

According to EA, there is no time limit when you try out a Scenario. However, some Scenarios will be available for a limited time only. An example of such a Scenario is “Too Many Toddlers.”

Though there is no time limit when you play, you will be able to see the amount of time that has lapsed since you first started playing a Scenario. 

The descriptions of each Scenario on the Main Menu include possible ways that the story can end. EA has clarified that there are possible outcomes to each story that are not listed in the descriptions. 

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