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SHIB Just Launched Its ShibaSwapDEX | How to Earn Passive Money on Crypto

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from SHIB Just Launched Its ShibaSwapDEX | How to Earn Passive Money on Crypto

SHIB has just launched its ShibaSwapDEX to enable hodlers to earn passive money on crypto. This could complete something that DOGE wasn’t able to do with its founder itself already taking profits.

ShibSwapDEX Options

Out of the blue, the ShibSwapDEX appeared on Twitter which links to the official ShibSwap website. The website has six options. The website functions close to PancakeSwap but with a few additional features up its sleeves.

  • The first ever being DIG which is reportedly hodlers providing liquidity in order to earn BONE.

  • The second option is Fetch which notes that hodlers can migrate their UNI V2-LP or SLP tokens in order for them to earn BONE. The option noted that for a total of two weeks of migration of UNIV2-LP or SLP Tokens, hodlers will be able to get bonus BONE Tokens.

  • The third option is BURY as Shibas usually love to bury what they find. Hodlers will be able to stake their tokens in order to gain returns.

  • The fourth option is SWAP. Hodlers will be able to tell their Shiba Inu to fetch some other new coins. Users can swap their tokens in order to get other tokens quite like other swaps like PancakeSwap.

  • The fifth option is BONEFOLIO as every Shiba Inu hodler still needs to check their stash. Hodlers will be able to check their dogalytics through here.

  • The sixth option is called WOOF where hodlers will be able to stake their SSLP and claim rewards.

As per the project’s WhitePaper, which can be downloaded from the site, the background of the project shows three key details of the project.

Three Things About the Project:

1. The project started from zero and with zero. This is reportedly the spirit of their project in order to create something out of nothing.

2. It was stated that they were not founded coming from an existing community as well as a preassembled team. The actual brilliant minds that are behind Shib have reportedly never collaborated before. It was stated that there was a fresh team of designers, developers, moderators, shillers, and marketers. It was stated that when one joins the Shib army, from anywhere in the whole world, users found where their talents could be useful and thus they got to work.

3. All of them love Shiba Inu Dogs.

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Shib Army Success

The platform notes that they are proud of the whole Shib Army that originated and equally excited for the hodler’s future. The founder, Ryoshi, reportedly chose to begin Shib from nothing and then handed the future of the currency over to their army.

Starting with nothing means that everyone had to bring something to the table. It was stated that hodlers and believers in the whole Shib Army have all been the source for the project’s success. SundaeSwap is another project to look out for which will reportedly be built on the CardanoCube platform.

It was stated that there were over 544,000 fellow hodlers, mods, admins, leaders of international chat rooms, meme makers, social media influencers, shillers, and of course, friends as the source of the project’s success. The project is reportedly built on the ETH network. SundaeSwap gets investment from Double Peak Group, which is a crypto investment group that invests on certain crypto projects.

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