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Shazam APK Download 11.33.0 Latest for Android

Shazam APK is one of many most long-established apps in the world, worn by extra than 100 million of us every month to identify tune, web lyrics, and now glimpse tune that artists enjoy found for themselves.

Shazam APK is an American app owned by Apple Inc. The app can identify tune, movies, commercials, and TV presentations per a quick preview being performed and the usage of a application microphone. The appliance is rapidly out there for Android, macOS, iOS, and watchOS services.

About Shazam APK

Shazam recognizes songs from an audio fingerprint per a graphic time-frequency called a spectrogram. Uses a built-in smartphone or computer microphone to take a quick pattern of audio being performed. Shazam maintains a catalog of audio fingerprints in a database.

The user tags a song in 10 seconds and the app creates an audio fingerprint. Analyze the sound recorded by Shazam and look at for a match per the acoustic fingerprint of a database of millions of songs. If he saw a fight, that’s all.

Without lengthen identify tune and part the fun of discovering tune with the artists you like. Contemporary discoveries from artists made with Shazamed will seem robotically. Prepare the unique artist’s button and watch what these Shazaming artists are up to. Sustain an seek out for set aside unique singles, albums, and videos from the artists you discover…

Name Shazam APK
Version 11.33.0
Size 25 MB
Replace 1 day in the past
Required 4.4


Aspects Of Shazam APK

  • Shazam TV presentations to search out out about soundtracks, actors, special offers, and additional
  • Revel in tune lyrics and videos on YouTube
  • Preview songs and add them to Rdio and Spotify playlists.
  • Inaugurate Pandora Radio per artists .
  • Quiz Google for Shazam: “Ample Google, here is Shazam number”
  • Understand and get
  • Prepare the loop with staunch-time Shazam listings
  • Connect Rdio or Spotify to play all Shazamen songs
  • Investigate cross-check instructed songs for set aside unique tune
  • Glean out what’s long-established in your metropolis, country, and world
  • Mercurial Hyperlinks to Google Play and Amazon Retail outlets
  • Connect and Portion
  • Understand what your chums are shazam whereas you join your Fb story. Portion your findings by skill of Fb, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Google , etc.
  • Open Shazam with your artist and song from the Android Set aside aside on smartwatch
  • Behold the lyrics to be adopted by tune from smartwatches.


Shazam acquired extra visual files. Click on the digicam icon on Shazam posters, magazines, or books; Everywhere you look you watch the Shazam digicam set aside. Visual files also works as a QR code reader. Glean your past Shazams now on Google.

Preserve tickets to switch looking out out your well-liked artists at the live performance. Spend Shazam as grand as you want – no limit

Other Data

  • To head looking out out and take care of tune, you want a Google Play tune store in your country.
  • MIPS units are now not supported.
  • Some parts rely on space, application version, and application.

What’s Contemporary

Thanks, Shazaming! We are repeatedly working hard to design the app faster and higher than ever. Wait on to the most contemporary version to enjoy the most contemporary and ideal Shazam.

It is best to with out a doubt resolve your Shazam high-quality and synchronized between your units. Perfect get an story and we’ll support up your Shazam so you don’t lose it.

Attain you cherish the app? Rate us! Your conception is tune to our ears and Shazam helps us be higher.

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