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Shadowrun Trilogy Now Free in PC Courtesy of GOG But Only Until This Weekend!

Alec G., Tech Times

(Photo : Screenshot from GOG)

The Shadowrun Trilogy is now available in GOG in line with its summer 2021 sale on PC and only until the weekend!

What’s So Special With Shadowrun?

Shadowrun is one of the best RPG games series out right now, with clear roots on its original game back in 1989. The setting is sci-fi-inspired, and the trilogy has since then gained massive attention from fans of old and new. The first of the reinvented series is called Shadowrun Returns followed by Shadowrun: Dragonfall, and lastly, Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

If you don’t get them on sale, they will cost you around $70, so it’s best to get the entire trilogy from GOG for free to add to your growing gaming library. The Shadowrun trilogy pays tribute to the original games from the SNES and Megadrive. Fans eagerly awaited a decade to the follow-up 16-bit sci-fi RPG but were awarded an abysmal shooter.

Shadowrun Returns” started the franchise once again as it was meant to be. The game gave more life to the story and also produced familiar gameplay to the original. Hence the word “Returns” is appropriate. New gamers to the franchise won’t feel that they’re not kept in the loop given the story’s smooth story arcs.

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Shadowrun Gets Better and Better

The trilogy has added more and more content over each game–further adding more depth and enjoyment for the player that keeps them coming back for more. We can forgive Shadowrun Returns when it first came out with not having any save feature, as only that was the flaw that everyone seemed to notice.

Dragonfall and Hong Kong bring more to the game, such as a more refined UI and added elements that make you want to explore more of the polished level designs. Backstories are also given justice for each character that you would invest much more than you normally would any other game.

Did we forget to mention that it’s all free in the GOG store right now? Players who have yet to play the games now have no excuse to get them over the weekend to experience a futuristic cyberpunk game that is based on a dystopian Earth where conflict leveled civilization and changed the whole power structure of America.

What Else is On Sale?

Besides the Shadowrun Trilogy available in, there are many great games on sale that players of all genres can appreciate. The sale can be as high as 90 percent, including Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition for $17.99, Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Imperial Edition Bundle for $17.54, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition for $9.99, and so much more!

All the games in the collection are worth getting and they add hundreds or even thousands of hours of gameplay for you to enjoy as much as your hearts desire. With the best games getting a fair price, it’s only fair for people to give them a shot as long as they can afford it.

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