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Samsung's New 200 MP Camera Sensor Might Go To Motorola First

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

Samsung announced the creation of a new, powerful camera sensor capable of 200 megapixels last September. It is slated to come to new smartphones soon, but it won’t be Samsung themselves that will get the first crack.

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According to a renowned industry leaker, the 200 MP sensor is going to go to Motorola first, reports AndroidCentral. There is, however, absolutely no news on when the phone will release or what specific model it will be.

Here is the original tweet from leaker IceUniverse:

200MP camera will be adopted by Moto first, then by Xiaomi in the second half of next year, and by 2023, Samsung will adopt 200MP.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) November 24, 2021

As per the original AndroidCentral report, Motorola getting to try a new Samsung camera first would be a departure from the norm. That’s because Xiaomi is almost always first in line for that.

But according to IceUniverse, Xiaomi wouldn’t even get to release new smartphones featuring the 200 MP sensor until the latter half of next year.

Samsung, on the other hand, isn’t expected to launch their first 200 MP phones until 2023. Some say that the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra, which was featured in leaked renders recently, might come with a 200 MP sensor. For now, though, this remains unconfirmed.

Should the rumor prove true, then it will be the first time that Motorola’s phones will be frontrunners in mobile photography. Motorola smartphones, even their most recent ones, haven’t had good cameras in the past.

So far, the only notable devices from Motorola are their sub-flagship models, such as the Edge, which featured a relatively paltry 108 MP sensor, writes ScreenRant.

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Samsung’s 200 MP Beast At A Glance

As previously mentioned, Samsung finally launched their 200 MP camera sensor back in early September, first entering the South Korean market before anywhere else.

Upon its release, the ISOCELL HP1 is considered the most powerful mobile camera ever made. Aside from capturing full-resolution 200 MP photos, the camera is also designed to record standard 8K resolution video, which Samsung says is possible without cropping issues, according to The Verge.

In an official press release by Samsung, they do a deeper dive into what the ISOCELL HP1 is capable of. It gets pretty technical there, but the highlight of the entire document is the sensor’s use of the company’s pixel-binning tech called ChameleonCell.

ChameleonCell basically allows the sensor to adapt to low-light scenarios and back to full-resolution photo capture seamlessly, which is a great option to have in mobile photography.

Just How Sharp Is 200 MP?

The short answer is super sharp.

Here is a video by Samsung detailing just how powerful the camera sensor actually is:

Aside from the likes of ChameleonCell, apparently, the ISOCELL HP1 also uses a deep learning algorithm called Re-mosaic, which activates when you take a photo in daylight. The algorithm allows the sensor to recreate crisp details, which, according to Samsung, will be hard to see with the naked eye.

It is going to be an exciting time for smartphones within the next couple of years.

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