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Samsung Galaxy A33 5G Leaked Renders Don't Show a Headphone Jack

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A33 5G has been pictured in a few leaked renders, and it’s missing something: a headphone jack.

(Photo : Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

COLOGNE, GERMANY – OCTOBER 24: A view of the Samsung logo photographed on October 24, 2021 in Cologne, Germany.

SlashGear reported on the leaked renders and they clearly don’t have the 3.5 mm audio jack; something that not a lot of other smartphone makers aside from Apple have done in recent years.

Here are the renders, featured in a YouTube video by 91Mobiles:

Some users might recognize the design of the upcoming Samsung A33 5G as reminiscent of the A53 5G. Both phones have been shown to not have the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, which could mean that the A73 5G will likely ditch it too.

These phones, however, would not be the first models in the Samsung Galaxy A lineup ditching the headphone jack.

Samsung’s new A33 5G is currently in development, writes SamMobile. Furthermore, there’s no official release date yet, meaning you’ll need to consider these leaked renders as unconfirmed.

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No More Headphone Jacks: A Brief History

The leaked Galaxy A33 5G renders are not at all a confirmation that Samsung will be leaving behind the 3.5 mm headphone jack. But should they eventually confirm the accuracy of the designs, then they’ll be joining in the industry’s current fad.

(Photo : Getty Images )

Apple was perhaps the biggest name to buy into the trend. They announced the omission of the jack for the iPhone 7 back in 2016, and made the headlines for their decision.

Apple, however, wasn’t actually the first. According to Android Authority, the first smartphone maker to do it was Oppo, and they did it two years before. Oppo’s mid-tier R5 model, however, didn’t set the ball rolling.

Why Is Samsung Abandoning The Headphone Jack?

This question really doesn’t only apply to Samsung, but to all other smartphone makers as well.

The Sound Guys wrote an article about this. In it, they argued that the 3.5 mm jack, while relatively antiquated technology (it is analog, after all) is a universal standard. It can support cheap headphones, expensive ones, and you don’t have to worry about pairing devices left and right.

(Photo : Getty Images )

Aside from that, despite the advantages that Bluetooth audio has, it simply can’t replace the headphone jack performance-wise. Furthermore, The Sound Guys also argued that normal users won’t be able to tell the difference between wired and wireless anyway, unless they turn the volume up.

Best Phones With Actual Audio Jacks

Samsung could be abandoning the 3.5 mm audio jack, but the jack itself is still not extinct. You can still get great smartphones featuring the tried-and-true audio jack, ranging from high-end to entry level ones.

WIRED lists several of the best ones you can find right now. As per their list, the Google Pixel 5A is the best one overall for its mix of modern and traditional phone tech. And with the jack, you won’t have to worry about wireless audio compatibility issues.

For excellent sound quality, WIRED recommends the ASUS ROG Phone 5–a gaming phone by all means, but its audio quality is nothing to scoff at. You’ll just have to pay a very hefty premium, since its $1,000 price tag is a bit steep.

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