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Rumor: Apple Watch Series 8 Suppliers Looking at Necessary Components for Blood Glucose Monitoring

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Rumor: Apple Watch Series 8 Suppliers Looking at Necessary Components for Blood Glucose Monitoring

Rumor is that the Apple Watch Series 8 suppliers are currently working on the necessary components needed for blood glucose monitoring. For those that are looking for a way to monitor blood glucose, the next Apple Watch could offer this feature in the Series 8.

Apple Watch Rumors

According to the story by PocketNow, the latest iteration of the popular Apple Watch has definitely gathered a lot of rumors. This is something that doesn’t really come as a shock due to most products that are to be launched having at least one or two rumors about them.

PocketNow, however, reportedly received information that actually suggests that the brand new Watch was going to get a massive redesign. Aside from just the major redesign, the upcoming device is also said to receive other different changes like watch faces and a lot of other new features.

Lack of Announcements on Cupertino’s September Event

The article, however, notes that thing’s did not really go the way that they had expected during the recent Cupertino’s September 2021 event. A rather curious rumore, as of the moment, is at least bringing back that excitement. 

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Apple Watch Series 7

The new rumor suggests that Apple was actually working on including a blood glucose monitor to its upcoming Apple Watch. The sensor evidently was not able to make it to the Apple Watch Series 7, but it still seemed like it could find its way to yet another successor.

Apple’s suppliers have currently started to work on short-wavelength infrared sensors, as per Digitimes. It was noted that the sensors are usually designed for health devices and it currently seems like they would be featured in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8.

Monitoring User’s Blood Sugar

The new feature in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 could also allow it to be able to measure the total amount of sugar in the user’s own blood. Users will be able to check out if they are within a healthy amount of sugar or not.

As of the moment, the Apple Watch Series 7 already has a couple of upgrades that are very useful when it comes to monitoring one’s health. These include features like the Apple Watch Series 7 ECG, Sensor, SpO2, and fall detection.

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Ennostar and TAS Development

Digitimes provides more detail regarding the specifics on the upcoming Apple Watch 8 Series rumors. According to the article, both Ennostar and Taiwan Asia Semiconductor (TAS which was formerly known as Opto Tech) are up to something.

It was noted that both Ennostar and TAS were trying to develop short-wavelength (about more than 1000nm) infrared (IR) LED devices. This technology could reportedly be used in biosensing which would include reading heart rates, blood glucose, and even SpO2.

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