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RPCS3 Devs Share Visual Updates For BIG PS3 Exclusives, Including 'Uncharted 2' & 3, 'The Last Of Us'

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

RPCS3, the preeminent PlayStation 3 emulator, has reached another major development milestone in a new update.

WCCFTech reports that the emulator’s developers have now implemented a variety of visual enhancements in several big-name PS3 exclusive titles, including “Uncharted 2,” “Uncharted 3,” and “The Last Of Us.”

A few “Ratchet & Clank” titles are also included in the update, such as “Tools of Destruction,” “Quest for Booty,” and “A Crack in Time,” with the rest of the games in the franchise to come later.

As per the official update from RPCS3 developers NekoTekina and KD-11, they’ve managed to fix the lighting issues in several Insomniac Games, as well as dynamic shadows in Naughty Dog games.

For now, the developers of the PS3 emulator will keep working on things such as uncapping frame limits and fixing other visual problems that keep plaguing the games on the software.

RPCS3 is one of the few video game emulators out there that a lot of people are paying close attention to. This is despite the rather controversial nature of game emulation as a whole.

Still, it seems like the industry has been warming up to the idea of using emulators such as RPCS3. One of the big industry names to call for change is Xbox head Phil Spencer, who recently expressed hope for the future of legal video game emulation.

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RPCS3 Development Seems To Be Smooth-Sailing Recently

To say that RPCS3 has reached a lot of big development milestones recently is an understatement, especially for a project that has been going on since 2011.

Back in October, the developers of the popular PS3 emulator announced that their software could finally boot every single game ever released on the console. That’s a total of 2,281 games ever launched and over 6,000 total apps released for the entire life cycle of Sony’s seventh generation system.

Here is the official announcement from the official RPCS3 Twitter page:

We’re delighted to announce that RPCS3 now has a total of ZERO games in the Nothing status!

This means that all known games and applications at least boot on the emulator, with no on-going regressions that prevent games from booting.

We look forward to emptying out Loadable too!

— RPCS3 (@rpcs3) October 20, 2021

However, the developers were quick to remind that this doesn’t mean you can play every PS3 game on RPCS3 as of the moment.

(Photo : Philip Sowels/Future via Getty Images)

A black Sony PlayStation 3 wireless controller photographed on a glass table, surrounded by bowls of snacks, taken on July 9, 2013.

For now, over half of all PlayStation 3 games can be fully played on the PS3 emulator (63.53%) without experiencing any game-breaking glitches or performance issues, reports PCMag.

As for the rest, 30.53% are playable but cannot be finished due to serious bugs, 5.75% can boot into the menu, and 0.19% are at least loadable on the software.

Modern Third-Party Software (And Hardware) Support

Aside from now being able to boot all PS3 games at the very least, the RPCS3 PS3 emulator also now has official support for AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution.

This was made possible due to AMD’s decision to make FSR an open-source software. As such, the developers of RPCS3 are able to apply it to some big PlayStation 3 games such as “Demon’s Souls,” “Red Dead Redemption,” “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune,” and “Prototype.”

Lastly, it was also reported that RPCS3 can now take advantage of the power of Intel’s 12th gen Alder Lake CPUs, reports PCGamer.

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