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Rockstar Games Apologizes For 'GTA' Definitive Edition's Poor Quality; Will Re-List Classic Versions Of All Three Games

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

Rockstar Games has finally admitted to the terrible state of the “GTA” trilogy definitive edition.

The long-time developer has apologized to fans for how the remaster turned out while also promising to re-list the original versions of the games–but only for PC, reports GameInformer.

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Rockstar Games logo displayed on a phone screen and a keyboard are seen in this multiple exposure illustration photo taken in Krakow, Poland on May 30, 2021.

This comes roughly a week after the remastered “Grand Theft Auto” trilogy came out. However, you can only get the classic games from Rockstar Games’ official store and nowhere else.

For those who already own the definitive edition on PC after buying it from the Rockstar store through June 30, 2022, you will be getting the classic versions of all three games in a bundle at no additional cost.

Rockstar Games made the official announcement on their website, saying that the remastered trilogy was not up to their own standards of quality or as fans expected it.

In the post, however, the developer also stated that some members of the team are actually being harassed on social media by irate individuals.

As such, they asked that the discourse surrounding the state of the definitive edition trilogy be respectful and civil as they work on putting out a fix.

For those who own the definitive edition on consoles or other PC storefronts, however, there’s no word yet. That means Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players who bought it on Steam or any other platform will have to wait for future updates.

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Poor Release, SCATHING Reviews

When Rockstar Games announced the “GTA” trilogy remaster, many fans were hit by hints of nostalgia. These three games are considered among the most iconic, with many gamers playing the titles growing up.

But when the definitive edition came out, there was nothing but disappointment. The entire “GTA” trilogy remaster is a mess–full of bugs, performance issues, instability, and was an overall bad port, according to multiple reviews.

GameSpot calls the definitive edition “an absolute car wreck of creative neglect.” While all three games did experience a big technical overhaul (virtually no more loading times, massively improved visuals, and draw distances), it simply never held up well across all three games.

Out of all the game-breaking bugs, it’s the terrible-looking “upgraded” character models that got fans even more pissed. Just look at this example:

The more I see of the GTA Trilogy the more I understand why Rockstar took down the fan remaster mods.


Even just playing the first 3 hours had some characters looking really bad. As I said, game ranges from like a 4 to 7 in quality, while the original is consistently a 6.

— DarkViperAU (@DarkViperAU) November 11, 2021

But things seem to be even worse on the Nintendo Switch, though. According to Nintendo Life, the Switch version was almost unplayable due to the increased prevalence of game-breaking bugs, poor performance, and awful pop-in problems.

It got so bad on the Switch that Rockstar Games could be looking at the worst-reviewed game/s ever on Metacritic in terms of user score, at an absolutely scathing 0.7. Mind you, Metacritic’s highest user rating is at 10.

What’s Next For Rockstar Games?

It’s damage control time for the iconic developer. Rockstar will have to work really hard to get the definitive edition up to par if they want to save face for their avid fans–and gamers in general.

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