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REvil Ransomware Group that Threatened Apple ‘Mysteriously’ Deleted Documents and Extortion Threats

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) REvil Ransomware Group that Threatened Apple ‘Mysteriously’ Deleted Documents and Extortion Threats

REvil ransomware group that threatened Apple now mysteriously deletes all the documents and extortion threats made against the company! Out of all the tech companies that fell victim to REvil, it seems like Apple tells a different story.

REvil Ransomware Group

According to a story by MacRumors, in April 2021, a particular Ransomware group known as REvil attacked the Apple supplier Quanta Computer and was able to steal certain schematics. These schematics reportedly include the outlining of the design of both the 14 and the 16-inch MacBook Pro models as were just recently announced.

Although the schematics did not reportedly leak the design of these new machines, during that time, REvil, of course, threatened to release other documents should Apple refuse to pay a particular ransom fee. The ransom fee was reportedly set at $50 million by May 1, 2021.

Mysterious Documents and Extortion Threats Disappear

The whole situation started to fizzle out just a few days later and even REvil mysteriously removed all the documents as well as extortion threats that were related to Apple from its own website. The article notes that as of the moment, there is nothing further regarding REvil’s Apple attack ever since then.

It was noted that it turns out that there was actually a particular multi-country operation that was underway in order to take down the ransomware group. Reuters reported that a number of government agencies all teamed up to hack REvil and proceed to take it offline.

It was noted that a person that was familiar with the said event that a foreign partner of the US government actually carried out the hacking operation and was able to penetrate REvil’s computer architecture. It was noted that a former US official who reportedly spoke on condition of anonymity, stated that the operation still remains active.

REvil’s very own “Happy Blog” that was reportedly used in order to leak the stolen documents has now been taken offline and is reportedly no longer available. The hacker group then went offline back in July 2021 after the law enforcement as well as intelligence specialists were able to hack directly into REvil’s computer network.

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Who is REvil?

The ransomware group, however, returned last month and servers that were previously compromised by the government were yet again used for this particular second takedown. REvil is widely remembered for being responsible for the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline that reportedly caused massive gas shortages on the United States East Coast.

There have been other movements linked towards the ransomware group famous for attacking the Colonial Pipeline. The ransomware group is now trying to impersonate a legit company to try and recruit new talent through what seemed like a regular job posting.

The effect of the colonial pipeline ransomware attack caused a massive panic as the price of cyber insurance started to go up. Energy companies started to scramble in order to get one.

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