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Researchers Create Stainless Steel Knife Alternative Out of Wood–It's Three Times Sharper Than Steel?

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website)

Researchers Make Stainless Steel Knife Alternative Out of Wood | Result is 3 Times Sharper

While most of the knives being used on regular settings are made out of wood, there could be a few instances where users might want an alternative. Researchers have finally found an alternative for the typical stainless steel knife out of hardwood. The result is now three times sharper.

Hardwood Knife Alternative

According to the story by SlashGear, most of the time, kitchen knives are made of metal or ceramic. For takeout foods, people use plastic knives. But some people want to create a different knife–this time, made of wood but sharper than metal. Is it possible?

A group of researchers coming from the University of Maryland has reportedly created a knife out of using hardwood. The team notes that their hardwood knife is about three times sharper than a stainless steel knife. Other technologies have also been used in order to grow steaks through human cells.

Wooden Knife Cuts Perfectly Through Wooden Steaks

It was reportedly able to slice well through a steak that was cooked medium-well without experiencing any problems, as per CNet. Teng Li, the first author of the paper, noted that the knife can be used multiple times.

The knives can reportedly be resurfaced, which is actually the equivalent of sharpening steel knives with any of the different sharpening methods that are currently available. In order to create the wooden knife, the researchers had to develop a two-step hardening method.

Knife’s Blade Hardness

The whole two-step process can reportedly increase the hardness of the knife’s blade by a whole factor of 23. The scientist reportedly had to do to get the wooden blade so sharp by ensuring a higher level of cellulose was being left on the wood.

Typically, most wood contains just about 50% cellulose. This is the material that is used in order to provide structural integrity for the tree. It was noted that the other half of the molecules would actually be made up of other weaker molecules. There have also been 3D printed lab-grown wagyu steaks as a result of research made by Japanese scientists.

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High-Resolution Microscopy Used

The whole two-step process that the researchers developed allows them to be able to remove the weaker molecules while only leaving the cellulose. The next step meant the wood was coated in mineral oil to help protect it and maintain the sharpness during and after washing.

The high-resolution microscopy was reportedly used in order to examine the knife to be able to determine what enabled it to be able to remain so strong after its use. The team reportedly found in their microscopic investigation that the whole two-step process which was invented was able to prevent defects from creeping directly into the blade.

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