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Realme Monitor Has Something Your High-End Monitor Does not.

Realme is ready to release its extremely first desktop monitor. The company will launch its first generation monitor together with a couple of even more items such as Realme Pad X 5G, wireless earphones, and a smartwatch. According to the most recent report by tech4gamers, the Realme Monitor will have a USB Type-C input port, which is something that we do not even see on high-end monitors.

According to the leak, the Realme Monitor (RMV 2201) will have a USB Type-C port, a full-sized HDMI port, and also a VGA port. This permits users to attach also older PCs and laptops that could not have modern-day HDMI or a USB Type-C result port.

Realme Monitor Specifications.

Going by the leakages, the Realme Monitor will have a 1080p resolution IPS LCD panel, possibly with a 1080p resolution as well as 60Hz refresh price. The Realme Monitor will be an entry-level item as well as is expected to be priced at around Rs. 15,000 in the Indian market.

The Realme Monitor has a power input of 12V and 2A and also the monitor is rated (power usage) for 24W, thus, it may not eat much power. Currently, there is no information if the Realme Monitor will or will certainly not have built-in speakers, and we have to wait till the launch to learn about the same.

Taking into consideration there is no DisplayPort on the Realme Monitor, the product will not be targeting the pc gaming audience, who could need a high-resolution and high-refresh-rate monitor. Nevertheless, passing the style of the Realme Monitor, it is more than likely to be created those, who are searching for their very initial monitor.

Will It Work With Realme Laptop?

Yes, it should. Given it has both HDMI and also USB Type-C input ports, one should be able to attach most contemporary laptops with a USB Type-C port or even an HDMI port with the Realme Monitor effortlessly. Once again, the inclusion of a VGA port also allows customers to connect dated computers with the Realme Monitor.

Realme Monitor Launch?

The Realme Monitor will certainly introduce in India on the 26th of July as well as will certainly be offered on Realme India’s site, Flipkart, as well as Realme shops. Taking into consideration the leaked specifications of the Realme Monitor, the item is more than likely to set you back around Rs. 15,000 in the Indian market.

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