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Razer Zephyr Smart Mask Is Now Out–Here's What You Should Know

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

Razer made a smart face mask, called the Zephyr, and it’s now out.

(Photo : Razer)

The starting price, as reported by Engadget, is $100 if you get it on its own. But if you want to get three extra filter kits, you’ll have to shell out $150 for a set.

For those who will buy the Razer Zephyr on its own, replacement filters will cost $30 individually. However, you’ll probably need to wait it out until stocks are good, because Razer already listed the Zephyr face mask starter pack as “out of stock.”

It had its beta testing last August but is only made available now after being revealed way back in January. Here was the first announcement trailer for it at CES 2021:

Razer officially calls the Zephyr mask a “wearable air purifier,” which they introduced early on as “Project Hazel.” It’s also called a “smart mask” which features a design and features which are characteristically “gamer.”

The Zephyr smart mask is Razer’s “gamer-y” answer to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is one of the characteristically different offerings from a company who’s largely known for custom gaming systems and peripherals.

Razer Zephyr Face Mask: Does It Really Protect?

The Razer Zephyr comes with way more tech features than a standard face mask these days. Here are a few of them, as per DotESports.

First off, while the mask itself hasn’t been specifically tested on the coronavirus, it does feature a total of three disposable N95 filters that users can easily replace. Designed to last up to three days, these filters can filter around 99 percent of air particles.

Aside from this, the Razer Zephyr also has fans inside with two adjustable speeds: 4200 or 6200 RPM. The company recommends the higher RPM for active users, while the lower speed is meant for general users.

Turning off the fans will not compromise the filtering capabilities of the mask, though it could make things a bit more uncomfortable.

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Other Tech Features

As you can see from all the promotional videos, the Razer Zephyr comes with a very “gamer” design; and as such, there’s RGB lighting in it. You can control the lighting via an app on your phone.

But if you want to keep using the mask in all its gamer glory, however, you’ll need to keep it juiced up. According to Eurogamer, Razer only rates the Zephyr mask’s battery at just 3.5 hours if you use all of its settings maxed out–including the lighting and the fans.

To save up on battery, it is recommended to disable the RGB lighting at daytime, since the lights won’t be as visible anyway.

Fortunately, the mask can be charged up using a typical USB-C cable, so you won’t have to dig deep just to find a compatible charger. Even your phone or tablet would already be a good charger for the Zephyr.

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