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PS3 Emulator Now Boots All Games That Are Available on the Console | Over 6,000 Apps Now Accessible

The PS3 emulator has now evolved into a more suitable software for gaming. The RPCS3 can now boot any games that are released in the said console.

RPCS3 Emulator Makes All Games Playable

(Photo : Nikita Kostrykin from Unsplash )

The RPCS3 PS3 emulator can now boot each game that was released on the gaming device. Let’s find out if all the games can run smoothly as expected.

We’re delighted to announce that RPCS3 now has a total of ZERO games in the Nothing status!

This means that all known games and applications at least boot on the emulator, with no on-going regressions that prevent games from booting.

We look forward to emptying out Loadable too!

— RPCS3 (@rpcs3) October 20, 2021

According to a report by Euro Gamer, the team behind the PS3 emulator confirmed that the software could now run over 6,000 applications. For the gamers who missed the nostalgia in playing this old-gen gaming machine, there’s a chance that you could experience playing your favorite games again.

It’s important to know that a successful booting of the game is a huge step for the emulator. Moreover, there’s still a lot to learn about running a particular app using it.

Users should also know that there is a compatibility list for the RPCS3. They are divided into five tiers. Each tier would indicate if the game can operate and perform well.

Among them all, only the “Playable” tier would help you pass the time. The rest still requires further improvement since they are still full of bugs, performance problems, and even issues in loading the screen.

Meanwhile, the “Nothing” tier is intended for games that experience several problems like unsuccessful booting or crashing. The achievement that the PS3 emulator has reached this week will not assure you that all games can run smoothly.

While you can open more than 6,000 apps, you could still encounter some problems when running a specific game on your PC.

How Many Are the Playable PS3 Games in RPCS3 Emulator?

According to the latest report by Kotaku, 63.53% of PS3 games in the console are considered to be playable in the emulator. The remaining 36.47% are still not playable. Still, this percentage is a big improvement for the Ps3 emulator team who tests each game’s compatibility.

Earlier, the team announced in a tweet that they are looking forward to “emptying out Loadable too.” So far, only 0.19% of PS3 games belong to that classification.

For the “Intro” stage, 5.75% of the games are included there. The apps in this stage are all accessible but they won’t load any further past the menu.

The team hopes that PS3 emulators will clear out these particular tiers for the users. You can visit this link to check the compatibility test of every game.

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RPCS3 PS3 Emulator Now Supports AMD Fidelity FX

Last month, Tech Times reported that AMD has officially made its FidelityFX supersampling tech available for the PS3 console emulator. The said emulator is the first software to adopt the upscaling technology.

The main role of the AMD FidelityFX is to allow the games to render at a lower resolution. In addition, it would upscale later to a higher version. This process would improve the performance of the game while producing more details in the pictures.

Speaking of emulators, you can also check the best iPhone emulators that you can explore for retro gaming.

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