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Promising Alzheimer’s Treatment Found on Experimental Cancer Drug Upon Testing on Mice

A promising Alzheimer’s Disease treatment has been discovered by researchers as they were working on an experimental drug that is intended for cancer and its effects. The potential treatment was found as they were testing it on mice, showing different effects it has in the neural region, and not just its initial intention of getting rid of cancer.

Promising Alzheimer’s Treatment Found on Experimental Cancer Drug

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The study entitled “AD-linked R47H-TREM2 mutation induces disease-enhancing microglial states via AKT hyperactivation” that was published in Science Translational Medicine focuses on the new treatment for Alzheimer’s. The said drug was initially intended for curing cancer or helping with its problems, especially that of hindering it from doing more damage to the body.

The said drug was targeting “microglia,” a known cell that in healthy circumstances, protects the brain from harmful infections or problems, but when it degrades, it is known to lead to Alzheimer’s Disease. The drug has been intended for the brain’s microglia treatment related to cancer but was found to have certain effects on memories and Alzheimer’s, hence its new focus. 

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Potential Drug Was Testing on Mice; Can It Answer Two Problems in One?

The said treatment was originally applied on mice, something that has helped in the research to see its effects on the brain, as experimental applications are already the focus of the study. It remains unknown if it could “hit two birds in one stone,” or answer two problems in one, with it being a cancer drug and at the same time, an Alzheimer’s treatment. 

Health and Technology’s Improvement Today

Health and Technology have become one in recent discoveries, as researchers and scientists have infused the use of both with regards to the availability of applications and treatments to certain diseases. In recent discoveries, Alzheimer’s and Dementia have a lot of treatments under work, and one is the use of music that has been patterned to help the brain in its memories. 

On the other hand, there is a potential cancer cure that was developed by scientists which would undergo a monoclonal antibody crystallization, something that can only be achieved when at near-zero gravity. This potential cure will soon arrive at the International Space Station as sanctioned by NASA, aboard the SpaceX Cargo Dragon. 

The innovations of health are growing and it is because of the many technological advances made by people now, focusing on making the world a better place.

The dedication of these researchers and scientists helps shape up the world to be a safer place, with modern medicine answering most of the problems that were initially thought to be incurable. 

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