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Pro Wrestler Hoards Thousands of Copies of Burger King’s Game for Xbox ‘Sneak King’

Pro wrestler hoarded 2,000+ copies of a Burger King game, which the fast-food giant released for the Xbox 360 that goes by the name “Sneak King.”

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A Burger King sign outside a restaurant in Glendale, California, on September 2, 2010. Burger King, the second-largest US hamburger chain, will be sold to 3G Capital investment house for four billion dollars, the fast food chain announced Thursday. 3G Capital agreed to acquire all Burger King stock for 24 dollars per share in cash, representing a 46 percent premium, and will also assume the company’s outstanding debt, Burger King said in a statement.

Pro Wrestler Hoards Thousands of Copies of Burger King’s Game

Professional wrestler, Leroy Patterson, who is also a stuntman, revealed in a Reddit post that he collected thousands of copies of a Burger King Xbox 360 game, which was released way back in 2006.

The post of Petterson on the social media platform came with a photo of the “Sneak King” collection stacked up and arranged neatly.

The wrestler further disclosed that his “Sneak King” collection is excessively expansive and that it has nearly taken over a room in his house, as per the report by NME.

Burger King Xbox 360 Game ‘Sneak King’

The Burger King video game that was first released for the classic Xbox 360 console back in 2006 was sold to the tune of $3.99 as long as you bought a value meal from the food giant.

The niche game was initially meant to be an advertising promotion for the giant burger joint. However, “Sneak King’s” did not disappoint in terms of sales, boasting over 2 million copies being sold.

As such, the game is not a rare find after all, which gives Patterson still tons of copies to hoard to add up to his collection.

The video game of Burger King allows its players to become the mascot of the fast-food giant in the game to deliver meals of the burger joint to numerous hungry people.

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Burger King Game Hoarding: Here’s Why

That said, some observers are wondering: why is he hoarding the Burger King video game?

The pro wrestler has already come up with an answer that he used to repeatedly answer such kinds of questions.

The Burger King game collector wrote that “if they are worth something someday, we are rich!”

On the other hand, according to Kotaku’s report, Patterson also admits that there is a possibility that the niche game from the fast-food chain would not have any value in the future. However, for him, it would be a mere “funny story and journey!”

But still, the collector of “Sneak King” went on to share his fascination for the gaming title, noting that “it had an unusual release through a fast-food chain.”

On top of that, he also admits that the game starring the mascot of the giant burger joint makes him laugh.

Elsewhere, Burger King has recently entered the world of NFTs.

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