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POGO Blood Glucose Monitor: Intuity Medical Launches Push Button Device for Easier Access

POGO is a blood glucose monitor that features a push-button device to detect a person’s sugar levels that have easier access than present ECFDs and other devices that helps in monitoring said devices. The monitoring device focuses on giving a person ease and better assistance with regards to looking at their blood sugar, especially for those that suffer from diabetes or low blood sugar. 

POGO Blood Glucose Monitor: What is It?

(Photo : Intuity Medical)

Intuity Medical has released “POGO,” a blood glucose monitor that is an all-in-one device to test blood sugar levels that has its kit combined in one device. While it still uses the traditional prick method of collecting a blood sample, it would not need a massive kit that needs to be brought everywhere, which would be a hassle. 

The POGO is a device that combines all three of the main equipment of an electrochemical capillary fill device (ECFD), from the blood collection function, up to the monitoring system. The POGO is FDA approved and sells its devices online, having either a 50-test device for $32 and a reusable meter that costs $68. 

Each set has ten strips of fingertip tests, all done within a push of a button.

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POGO Blood Glucose: How Does It Work? 

Users need only to push the button on their POGO device, and from here, a needle would prick the skin and collect a blood sample that would be placed on a strip for automatic blood detection. Then, it would display the levels on the screen without the need to input the said strip on the device.

(Photo : Intuity Medical)

The POGO device has a partner app that would help in monitoring more of the blood sugar levels, listing down its history and other data it has. 

Diabetes and Devices that Help Its Monitoring

Diabetes is a special case in manifesting on a person’s life and health, especially as it brings a long-term disease or illness that a person would carry for the rest of their life. Several focuses on the disease have different people looking into studying and spreading its awareness, especially to those who are new to the morbid illness. 

A person needs to either have a sugar level detecting device on hand, so they can monitor their blood sugar, as it could prove fatal if it reaches a point where it surpasses the normal levels or lower. Diabetes is a known notorious illness that a person would suffer from, especially as it could be triggered by almost any food, even from normal rice. 

Devices like the POGO Blood Glucose monitor can help and make better detection without the hassle of having pricks or the external lancets that would collect the blood for a person. Moreover, it surpasses the strips that are separate from the device to collect the blood sample and be what the machine would test, as it is built-in and put in one. 

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