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PlayStation Won’t be Pushing Backwards Compatibility | Ad Was NOT a Teaser

Urian B., Tech Times

With a form of investors nonetheless making an are trying to earn the PlayStation 5 and the runt quantity of titles currently weird for the PS5, new console owners are questioning about backwards compatibility for consoles farther than the PS4.

Sadly, concept to be one of PlayStation’s commercials turned into misunderstood and Sony is indubitably no longer planning on bringing backward compatibility to their consoles.

Fans Thought PlayStation Teased Backwards Compatibility

Basically basically based on a tweet by Push Square, fans indubitably concept that PlayStation turned into teasing backward compatibility for the PS1, PS2, and PS3. Sadly, it turned into indubitably nothing more than factual an ad.

Basically basically based on the article, the newsletter warns that it turned into no longer payment getting inflamed over the PlayStation Jap teaser unless fans had been additionally inquisitive about Kenshi Yonezu. The execrable Jap PlayStation ad had nothing to create with backwards compatibility.

— プレイステーション公式 (@PlayStation_jp) January 22, 2022

1, 2, 3 Thought to Refer to the PS1, PS2, and PS3

The explanation that fans ended up pondering that PlayStation would elevate backwards compatibility is because of the the seen 1, 2, and 3, which had been indubitably nothing nevertheless factual lyrics in the commercial. The confusion is indubitably moderately comprehensible because it does seek take care of a doable tease for compatibility.

At the the same time, the interpretation turned into factual in step with the numbers 1, 2, and 3, with none other context. Even supposing there’s no telling if Sony will afterward decide to elevate backwards compatibility to its consoles, one the explanation why the ad would maybe maybe possess mistakenly been concept to be a teaser is because of the it being in Jap.

Why turned into There Confusion?

For English-talking fans that stumble on the ad, the numbers 1, 2, and 3, adopted by a Jap personality than the phrase “PlayStation” would be fascinated with optimistic creativeness. 

Beforehand, a PlayStation Japan tweet blew up because of the fans pondering that it turned into relating to backward compatibility for the PS1, PS2, and PS3. The fact, on the replace hand, is that it turned into a teaser ad with the 1, 2, and 3 indubitably being the commence date featuring the Jap popstar and tune producer identified as Kenshi Yonezu.

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The Proper Video Being Teased

Even supposing fans had been appropriate that it turned into a teaser, it turned into no longer particularly what they concept it turned into. Rather, it turned into a teaser to this video. For the explanation that video dropped, the confusion has been cleared as to what PlayStation Japan’s Twitter page turned into relating to.

Even supposing the assortment of avid gamers which possess a PS5 has elevated, the assortment of games that are PS5 “weird” are extremely runt. A quantity of games for the PlayStation 5 are indubitably PS4 games performed with backwards compatibility.

With Sony no longer producing the PS4, fans would maybe maybe stare things shift to a more “PS5-centered” gaming ambiance almost at this time. This implies that potentially no more games would be launched for the PlayStation 4. This, on the replace hand, stays to be seen and absolute most sensible time will be ready to remark if such is indubitably the case. 


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