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PlayDApp Reveals P2E Model to Open Earning Opportunities For 'Along with the Gods' NFT Game

PlayDapp recently released the Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanics for its popular role-playing game “Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn.” According to the team, the feature has already caught a lot of attention among blockchain players.

‘Along with the Gods’ Brings P2E Model

(Photo : Google Play Store/PlayDapp)

‘Along with the Gods’ NFT Game

According to a report by, the Play-to-earn model arrived in the game on Wednesday, Oct.27. At the time of writing, it was only available to 170 countries.

PlayDapp’s flagship NFT game has shown impressive performance in the blockchain industry. It surprisingly topped the charts and surpassed “Axie Infinity” at the time of the pre-staking period for “Along with the Gods.”

According to the team, many users have expressed a lot of interest in the launch of the game during its preview. A week before it came out, the NFT staking for the said game had commenced.

The price of the “Along with the Gods” token has surged two to six times compared to its previous performance last month. With the opportunity to stake their NFTs, many players could now embrace more opportunities to earn money.

Based on the staking condition, the users will receive 5 PlayDapp tokens (PLA) daily. Additionally, there’s a chance that users can win up to 5,000 PLA based on their weekly ranking.

The PlayDapp tokens can be used to transact with other players within the game’s ecosystem. 

“I am confident that the history of ‘Along with the Gods’ will be rewritten after applying this P2E model. We will repay your support with user-friendly services in the future,” PlayDapp’s Head of Business Sang Chung said in a press release, per Cointelegraph.

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What is ‘Along With the Gods?’

If you have played other NFT games before, you might have already encountered “Along with the Gods.”

This RPG game features in-game strategy contents such as PVP Duels and Boss raids to name a few. Moreover, players can also select from a pool of more than 100 heroes of different classes.

To dominate the game, you need to improve the stats of your characters. This is possible by rune combination and getting the rare kinds. 

Through your gameplay, you can earn money by converting the heroes and runes into non-fungible tokens. Just access PlayDapp’s marketplace to know more about it.

You can also boost your game experience by accomplishing daily tasks. “Along With the Gods” gamers could also participate in NFT staking of their PLA tokens. The level of your character will dictate the amount of PLA that you can earn.

You can download this game through Google Play Store.

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Speaking of NFT, toy company Hasbro has launched the first-ever “Power Rangers” NFT collections on the WAX blockchain. 

With regards to NFT art theft, Adobe has incorporated “content credentials” to boost protection for the works of digital artists. Photoshop will now have the “Prepare as NFT” option for the users.

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