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Play-to-Earn NFT Games to Keep an Eye Out for This November 2021

Play-to-earn NFT games are still popular even as 2021 is slowly but surely approaching its end. 2021 has been a big year for NFT collections and NFT games alike, and it looks like neither are showing signs of slowing down.

For this month, a couple of exciting news gamers and NFT enthusiasts can look forward to as far as play-to-earn NFT games are concerned. These include new play-to-earn NFT games that will be released this month and existing games that have some pretty cool updates for their fans.

Play-to-Earn NFT Games for Nov. 2021

There are new play-to-earn NFT games that will be released this month that gamers and NFT enthusiasts should keep an eye out for. Here are some of those play-to-earn NFT games:

‘Coin Pirates’

Ahoy Seadogs, the time has come to set sail for new adventures 🏴‍☠️

For our Coinpirates ship to set sail, our crew has prepared a pre-sale of asset packs that will be usable in the Coinpirates world. 🌎

So all hands on deck and go check them out on

— Coin Pirates (@coin_pirates) May 29, 2021

According to an article by Play to Earn Online Magazine, “Coin Pirates” will be releasing its beta this month. The article says that this play-to-earn NFT game “will have players seeking booty, finding treasure and stealing from each other.” Players, who take up the role of pirates in the game, will need to buy a pack, including a ship, crew members, and a shovel that can be used to dig up treasure.

‘Mega World’

— Mega World 🌍 The Metaverse (@megaworld_io) November 2, 2021

Have you heard about an upcoming play-to-earn NFT game called “Mega World” and have been curious to try it ever since? Well, you can get your chance this month as the demo is now live.

Per Play to Earn’s article, “Mega World” is actually “the evolution of ‘MegaCryptoPolis’ and will combine the social elements described above with the business mogul gameplay of ‘MCP.'”

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Play-to-Earn NFT Game Updates for Nov. 2021

There are also many things to watch out for this month for already existing play-to-earn NFT games and games that have yet to be released. These include the following:


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but this whip can break yours. 😼

— SIPHΞR (@SIPHERxyz) November 1, 2021

While “SIPHER’s” NFT game will not be out until 2022, the developers are already gearing up for it by releasing the four races that will be part of the game. According to Hongkiat, these four races are Inu (dog), Neko (cat), Buru (bull), and Tori (bird).

The Inus have already been released back in September, and the next race, the Neko, will be released this month. The specific release date of the Neko NFTs is on Nov. 7, according to SIPHER’s Twitter account.


(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Splinterlands website)

According to the article by Play to Earn, the presale of the popular NFT game “Splinterland’s” Chaos Legion expansion will end this month. As the presale draws closer and closer, players can be expected to try and acquire as many voucher tokens as before the end of the presale.

Per the article, the vouchers are necessary to buy packs and can be earned by staking SPS tokens.

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