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'PizzaOnChain' Pizza NFTs to Launch on Oct. 27, Utility Token to Launch Next Month

“PizzaOnChain,” a collection of pizza NFTs, is set to be released on October 27. There are a total of 5,555 pixelated pizza NFTs in the collection.

Five of the 5,555 pixelated pizza NFTs are considered the rarest in the collection. Examples of pizza NFTs that are part of “PizzaOnChain” are frozen pizza NFTs and pineapple pizza NFTs.

‘PizzaOnChain’ Pizza NFTs to Launch on Oct. 27

— PizzaOnChain (@PizzaOnChain) October 2, 2021

“PizzaOnChain’s” 5,555 pixelated pizza NFTs are set to launch on October 27. Those interested in minting the NFTs can start doing so at 7 p.m. EST. Each NFT can be minted for 0.55 Ethereum (ETH).

“PizzaOnChain” joins other NFT collections that are set to be released on October 27. According to a list compiled by Rarity Tools, the other NFT collections include “BLOCKRUNRS,” “Kyōto 3088,” and “EtherTroops.”

According to the “PizzaOnChain” website, each of the 5,555 pizza NFTs is unique, but five NFTs are considered the rarest in the collection. The website states that there are over 5 million combinations that could be generated with the available traits.

Examples of the pixelated pizza NFTs included in this collection are frozen pizzas and pineapple pizzas.

A portion of the proceeds of the mint will be donated to the entrepreneurial education programs of 42 Roma, a computer programming school that is free of charge.

Future Plans

The developers of “PizzaOnChain” are planning to release a utility token, $dough, on November 15. A $dough game is also scheduled to be released at the end of next month.

“You will be able to use $dough to purchase toppings and bake your own pizzas on chain that you can trade for more $dough or ETH,” the “PizzaOnChain” website says of the game.

The developers are also planning to launch what they call “The CryptoDough Collective” by December. Those who have access will get to “participate in exclusive innovative projects, pay to play, play to earn games, and events using $dough,” according to the website.

The developers of the NFT collection also have big plans for 2022. A “Pizzafest” is being planned for next year in Italy, which is a member-exclusive event that will feature tours of top sights in Italy as well as tech talks.

The first-ever decentralized pizza rating app is also being planned for launch next year by the developers of “PizzaOnChain.” There are also plans to make a pizza vending machine that will be distributed in multiple locations around the world.

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What is an NFT?

NFT is an acronym for non-fungible token. Since these tokens are non-fungible, each token is unique, and you cannot exchange them for something else of equal value.

NFTs can be anything digital, including digital art, GIFs, collectibles, music, and more. NFT is different from cryptocurrency in the sense that the latter is fungible.

What they have in common, however, is that both have stored digital records on a blockchain. Both cryptocurrency and NFTs likewise have unstable volatility.

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