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Pfizer CEO: COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation Spreader are ‘Criminals,’ Albert Bourla Says it Cost Lives

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has released his opinion regarding people that spreads COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and goes as far as saying that they are criminals in what they do. Every misinformation spreading in social media, the internet, and through word of mouth costs lives, and they are harmful to the public up to this moment.

Pfizer CEO Slams COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation Spreaders as ‘Criminals’

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Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Calls COVID-19 Misinformation Spreaders Criminals

The Pfizer CEO has stood before the Atlantic Council, and in his time here, he was asked regarding his opinion on COVID-19 vaccine misinformation spreaders. Bourla has expressed his strong feelings against these people that resort to misinformation, calling them “criminals” as they contribute to doing harm in the society.

And while this is indirect harm, it can still lead to massive consequences that would endanger their health, their family, and the people around them due to wrong information. The conception of COVID-19 in the US remains mixed for the public, as some believe in doctors and health professionals, while others focus on what they see online. 

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COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation Still Rampant in the US

According to IFL Science, Bourla also went as far as to say that health professionals that contribute to the said misinformations are criminals as well, and their opinions cost lives of innocent people. Sometimes, when public leaders are the cause of misinformation, it could do more harm and affect a lot as it came from a trusted official.

The health professionals that contribute to this are not “bad people” per se, says the CEO, but has crimes against health and wellness. 

COVID-19 Misinformation Affects Trust

The health crisis of today has been plagued with several fake news, conspiracy theories, and misinformation from different people, all acting on rumors and self-beliefs that have proven to be untested. It has been decreed by the Health Misinformation Act that social media platforms that tolerate the spread of misinformation would be fined. 

That is how much the government is already fighting against those that spread misinformation in outlets now, especially as the digital world has made it possible that it can do it instantaneously. Throughout the pandemic, a lot of experts have seen misinformation as a threat to the promotion of proper safety protocols, as well as vaccine trust in the country. 

These ideals back up the opinion of the Pfizer CEO that has strong words against those that are still keeping themselves in the dark regarding the truth of vaccines and how much it helps society. Now, the world is slowly recovering from the pandemic, as immunity is getting a higher rate, as the vaccination efforts continue to spread. 

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