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Oreo Red Wine with Barefoot: Chocolatey Goodness, Is It Good for the Health?

(Photo : Barefoot Wine)

(Photo : Barefoot Wine)

Oreo and Barefoot Wine debut a new product called the “OREO THINS” Red Blend wine, which is a flavored red alcoholic drink that infuses chocolate into the flavor of the classic fermented grape drink. Alcohol overconsumption is bad for the health, but a glass of red wine a day was said to keep the doctors away, but is it applicable for this new concoction?

OREO THINS, Barefoot Wine Creates Cookie-Themed Red Wine

(Photo : Barefoot Wine)

Barefoot Wine has partnered with OREO THINS to bring this cookie and chocolate-flavored red wine, which is an unusual pairing of two different after-meal snacks that people are familiar with. It may seem unusual but the wine company has made it possible, bringing the mix of the fermented grape taste to something that reminds people of their daily sugary snack.

The limited release of Barefoot and OREO’s collaboration is coming on Thursday, December 9, and would be available via the company’s website for sale. It is a different experience all-in-all and it would be a different taste from the regular ones, especially to those who are known connoisseurs of the finer tastes in life.

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Together with our new BFFs, we crafted Barefoot x @OREO THINS Red Blend — a limited edition wine that’ll send your taste buds into fits of chocolate-y delight. Get yours 12.9.21! Click here to sign up for email reminders:

— barefootwine (@BarefootWine) December 7, 2021

Are OREO and Barefoot Wine’s Mix Good for the Health?

However, the question remains regarding its health benefits and effects, especially those who drink the red regularly for antioxidants and its other positive contribution to life. It is known that red wine has “reservatrol,” known for being good to the heart, something that has been proven in studies, under moderation.

And while the base is still red wine, people should be wary of the OREO THINS wine for its sugar content as it has extra, and maybe risky for diabetic people.

(Photo : Barefoot Wine)

Red Wine Health Benefits, What Are They?

Research has referred to Red Wine as one of the healthiest alcohols in existence, but of course, they are only healthy when consumed with one to two glasses a day. The drink has multiple health benefits that help in detoxifying the body, bringing antioxidants that would help expel the different elements and substances left due to food consumption and more.

A compound found in Red Wine has been found to have another health benefit that can help in correcting hormonal imbalance in women, assisting them in cases like polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS, known to plague the women community. The popular drink that originates from grapes is known to have a sweet taste and a bitter aftertaste.

Other cases focus on its health effects and benefits for Diabetic people on Mediterranean diets and help in regulating the blood sugar. Red Wine that is consumed moderately is good for the health, but only those known to be pure, and not filled with flavor additives with the likes of Oreo’s and Barefoot Wine.

And while Barefoot’s collaboration still brings health benefits, its addition of sugars may be something to look into and monitor for its health effects.

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