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NVIDIA Rumored To Launch Discrete RTX 3050 In Q2 2022–Card Is Allegedly FASTER Than 1650 SUPER

RJ Pierce, Tech Times

NVIDIA has weirdly held out on releasing low-end RTX graphics cards ever since they announced their RTX 20 series. But now, new rumors are afoot.

(Photo : NVIDIA)

Renowned industry leaker kopite7kimi is at it again, this time leaking a few new details about NVIDIA’s upcoming RTX 3050 series graphics cards. VideoCardz reports that the 3050 Ti, for instance, will be featuring a GA1-6-150 die, while the base 3050 will be equipped with a GA107-350.

The alleged launch window is set at Q2 2022.

Further rumors suggest that the base RTX 3050 will be faster than the GTX 1650 SUPER and even the GTX 1660 SUPER, which are the only low-end Turing cards currently out on the market.

The rumored performance will also be slightly under the RTX 2060, specifically the 12 GB model which is launching in December.

TechPowerUp posted a few alleged specs of the 3050. While unconfirmed, they might be able to provide a good idea of what the card is capable of.

The card will reportedly feature 4 GB of GDDR6 memory on a 128-bit bus, which further reinforces that it is a budget NVIDIA RTX solution.

As for other specs, one might expect to find 2304 Shading Units, 72 TMUs, 40 ROPs, 72 Tensor Cores, and a total of 18 ray tracing cores. So this would be the first budget Turing-based GPU that will be capable of ray tracing.

NVIDIA has not commented on the rumors at this time.

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On NVIDIA’s Decision To Not Release Desktop 3050 Cards

If these rumors are true, then these will be the first true entry-level, discrete RTX graphics cards that NVIDIA will launch. That’s because the RTX 3050 series is actually already on the market, albeit only for laptops.

Those GPUs could also give a good idea of what’s under the hood of these budget NVIDIA RTX cards, aside from the unconfirmed specs posted by TechPowerUp.

One of these laptops is the Acer Nitro 5 with the model name AN515-55-53E5. As per the official Acer website, the gaming laptop’s RTX 3050 features up to 4 GB of GDDR6 VRAM, with a boost clock of 1500 MHz.

If you look back at the TechPowerUp rumored specs, these are close. But the rumored cards will be discrete, so they could feature a lot more power.

Release Date And Pricing

One could also only infer on the pricing of the discrete NVIDIA RTX 3050 and 3050 Ti graphics cards as of this moment, based on the MSRP of higher-end SKUs.

According to PCGamesN, gamers might expect an MSRP somewhere below $300. There’s also a fear that the card’s low price point could cause its street price to inflate, given the current market situation.

For now, NVIDIA is well on its way to the release of its next-generation RTX 4000 series, which are said to be launching next year.

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