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[NOW VIRAL] TikToker Gets BF's Name Tattooed on Spine | Couple Breaks Up a Week After

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from TikTok) TikToker Gets BF’s Name Tattooed on Spine | Couple Breaks Up a Week After

A TikToker got her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her spine. After this permanent and dedicated action to tattoo his name, the couple broke up just a week after.

TikToker Got Boyfriend’s Name Tattooed Before Their Break Up

A TikToker named Ashlyn Grace took to the social media platform to show the world her tattoo, which read the name of “ALEXANDER,” her ex. The pair, however, broke up just a week after she got the tattoo.

The 21-year-old was reportedly left with gigantic bold letters that ran down her spine, which is currently permanently inked on her body. In the initial viral video, Ashlyn reportedly wrote about getting a tattoo of an exes name but broke up just a week later.

7.1 Million and 5.4 Million Views on TikTok

The video showed her mime the lyrics to Lizzo’s Rumours. In the next video, Ashlyn even admitted that the tattoo was actually pretty big. The two videos reportedly racked up a large 7.1 million and 5.4 million views, respectively, with many responses in the comment section.

This is not the only terrible tattoo idea that has ever happened. In fact, there are some situations where people got tattoos of what was referred to by others as the “worst tattoo ever.” In fact, a certain man has died after his new tattoo got infected by flesh-eating bacteria.

Bad Tattoo Ideas

In a separate Reddit thread, tattoos artists shared some of their worst tattoo requests coming from different people. One tattoo artist remembered that a young man wanted to get a tattoo on his back with the text “Lisa please forgive me.”

According to the story by LadBible, the tattoo artist asked this customer if that was for some last-ditch effort to get his girl back, and the man said yes. The artist then told him that it was a terrible idea, but the man insisted on getting that tattoo.

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Tattoo Artist Sees No-Win Situation in the Future

The tattoo artist added if a tattoo design worked in getting back a girl, there is a possibility she remembers a particular “terrible thing” that he did every time she sees that tattoo. This tattoo may remind both of them that this tattoo is proof of his love, and at the same time, could mean he was wrong.   

But if the plan did not work out, the tattoo would be a mark of his past. In the future, whoever he wants to date, it is inevitable for women to ask questions about a tattoo. His next date might ask him what he did and how it was so terrible that he tried to get a tattoo to fix things along with his ex. The artist then noted that it seems like a “no-win” scenario with that particular tattoo.

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