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Nintendo to Consider Comments, Complaints on N64 Gaming Service for Future Releases; Upgrade Soon?

Nintendo has addressed the issues that surround its latest additional gaming subscription service with the N64, especially with its many complaints and comments from gamers regarding its overall quality. The Nintendo Switch Online additional subscription was initially said to be a “flop” as it was first released, disappointing gamers.

Nintendo N64: Comments and Complaints are Appreciated

(Photo : Nintendo via YouTube)

According to Nintendo of America’s President, Doug Bowser (via The Verge), the company is noting everything that people say with regards to its products and serves as a guide on what to improve. The latest dispute of Nintendo is with Switch Online’s N64 subscription service that offers up the old games to the latest console. 

The comments regarding the N64 were mostly negative, especially as it did not live up to the hype that Nintendo had when it was first released and came as a surprise to the public. Furthermore, its $49.99 to $79.99 yearly price is massive for a service that is not good enough for a game streaming platform such as Switch Online.

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Nintendo Switch Online: Upgrading Soon?

As the president discussed the issue, there has been a hint that Switch Online would soon upgrade its gaming service to a better one that fits the standard of people. However, it was not revealed when the upgrade would come or what is going to be changed for the N64 gaming platform, something that would help in changing initial views on it. 

Nintendo Switch Online and Retro Titles

(Photo : Neil Godwin/Future via Getty Images)

Detail of the Expansion Pak in a vintage 1990’s Nintendo 64 games console, taken on September 14, 2016.

Nintendo Switch Online has been long featuring retro titles on its platform for a long time now, and it would add more in the updates of the company soon coming but remains a secret for all. However, people have been long speculating the arrival of the Game Boy titles and experience in the platform, as revealed by previous leaks and rumors. 

Nintendo’s Switch Online has features including the emulation of popular gaming consoles of the platform like SNES, NES, and the N64, which is known to be the latest, alongside the SEGA Genesis on the service. The focus on retro gaming is massive, and Nintendo is one of the top gaming companies to feature this return to the past. 

Retro gaming is not new to Nintendo, and slip-ups with the likes of the N64 are indeed unfortunate, but it is something that they are aiming to improve on future releases, especially with the official statement they said. Addressing these issues is hard, but if a company aims to better its service, there would not be a problem in doing so. 

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