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Nintendo Takes Down Mario NFT Game from 1-UP Platform; Unofficial and Unlicensed by the Japanese Developer

Nintendo has taken down an unlicensed and unofficial Mario NFT game from the developers known as the “1-UP Platform” that has created a blockchain-based game with it. It seems that Nintendo has no plans in the present regarding its dive into the modern trends of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchains, especially with its priceless gaming franchise.

Nintendo Takes Down Mario NFT from 1-UP

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1-UP Platform is a company that focuses its development of NFT and blockchain-based games on retro games, and there have been a lot of familiar titles that were included here. One of which is the recreation of Mario NFT, and while it is not its official name, the beta game is focused on a platformer that highly resembles the initial releases from Nintendo.

The gaming company’s titles were prominent and have gathered a massive following online. This also caught the attention of Nintendo, the creator of Mario, and the popular platform genre it initially debuted. According to Kotaku, the game was taken down by Nintendo and has been removed from the internet for people to play and use.

Nintendo was tagged by Mario fans that saw its footage, hence it being taken down.

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— 1-UP Platform (@game1uptoken) October 23, 2021

Mario NFT Game: What Is It?

The Mario NFT game is not quite like the original game where people would go through a level and earn rewards, or in this case, a token that they can collect and exchange for money. The game would focus on having players betting on a multiplayer match and then the winner would receive the said tokens.

It initially said that Mario and friends would be in the blockchain.

Super Mario from Nintendo

Super Mario is a priceless gaming franchise from the massive Japanese game developer and distributor, and it is not something that the company is allowing to be used freely without permission and licenses. The character is more than 35 years in the industry already, yet it is still a running game franchise that is beloved by old and modern gamers.

The beloved character has a lot of different games like “Mario Kart,” “Mario Golf Super Rush,” and other iterations that feature the red plumber that once started as an online platformer with a quest to save the princess.

The plumber has had a lot of iterations and adaptations throughout the years, and Nintendo has all granted them licenses to be used for its character.

The use of Mario as an NFT was not something that the company has expected, and it was not authorized as well. This is the reason why it was removed by Nintendo.

The plans it has for Mario remains unknown, but one thing is for sure, it is still to continue the development of its gaming series and goodies, but not yet bordering towards an NFT game or blockchains.

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