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Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 Expansion is ‘Ugly,’ a ‘Flop’ Says Reviews and Gamers—Why?

The Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 expansion has been regarded as a “flop” by many people, especially since its release earlier this month, despite being anticipated by many. A lot has even gone as far as calling it “ugly” and that it did not reach their expectations, unlike the other retro games that are available in Switch Online now. 

But what exactly makes it “ugly?”

Nintendo Switch Online: N64 Gets Called Out for Bad Emulation

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A Nintendo 64 controller and Transfer Pak, taken on May 24, 2019.

There have been a lot of statements and reviews online saying that the Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 release last October 25 was a flop and a bad emulation. It is not the games that are bad or the console, rather the system that Nintendo developed for the N64 titles to be playable on the modern hybrid console of the present.

Also, some have regarded Switch Online’s N64 to look like a “PowerPoint” presentation rather than a game itself. These gamers have been disappointed for the different appearances of Switch Online on their experience to game with the N64, bringing back old titles in the present platform for people to enjoy. 

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What Makes Nintendo Switch’s N64 “Ugly?”

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In the many comments and suggestions of gamers online, there is only one reason for all the problems they have with the present version, and that is “emulation.” Yes, the process of adopting the system of N64 to the hybrid console is the main problem, and people want it changed now. 

It is currently unknown if Nintendo will do something about this, as the feature is fairly new and is only a week into its release. 

N64 on Switch Online 

Nintendo 64 games have been long-awaited by fans and enthusiasts of the games from the past, and this is something that says a lot for its recent release to be shaded or have negative reviews from the public. The N64 was a beloved console for many, and a lot of people that have experienced the original playing feels can say a lot about this matter. 

Switch Online had the N64 before, but it has a little library that featured emulation of the games to the modern platform of the hybrid console. However, the release now needs a subscription service that is different from the regular one, so that people can access the games. Despite the extra fees, people have tried it out, only to be disappointed.

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BANGKOK, THAILAND – 2018/05/24: In this photo illustration, a Japanese edition of the Nintendo 64 clear blue version (M) with a bunch of games next to a Nintendo Classic Mini ‘Nintendo Entertainment System’ (L) and a Nintendo Classic Mini ‘Super Nintendo’ (R) video game console.

The release of the N64 is not that bad, but it also did not fit the standards of those that know how it worked in the past, giving them the joy of early technology that features timeless games. The said games are available until now, and it has been a long-running franchise already. 

One can only hope for Switch Online’s take on the N64 as it stays on the platform for future releases. 

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