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Nintendo Plans to Release Next Console Before 2099 if There Are No Delays

Nintendo said that it would pursue its console-making business in the next decades. The announcement was made during this year’s earnings report. 

According to the latest news, the Switch maker is planning to launch a new gaming machine sometime before 2099. This could mean that we could see a unique concept for the said device.

Nintendo to Expand Business in the Next 79 Years

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A new Nintendo console is likely coming not this year, but sometime before 2099. Learn more about this report about the company’s plans to expand its hardware business.

According to a report by GamesRadar, Nintendo has highlighted the “future outlook” of the company to the investors by unveiling its plans about newly “integrated hardware-software products.” This could definitely happen if there are no delays that would take place in the future.

Previously, we have seen how the firm’s products performed. Some are short-lived like the Nintendo Wii but others are still thriving at the moment. So far, we witness how the Switch is competing with other gaming consoles from other companies such as Sony and Microsoft.

What is stated in the timeline will be the “next gaming system” that will likely be released in ’20XX.’ This would mean that the console manufacturer would publicize the identity of this machine on or before December 31, 2099.

This year, Nintendo has experienced many ups and downs in the business particularly the sudden missing of its target goal for Switch. The loss for the production accounted for 20%. 

Moreover, its latest net profit is even smaller compared to what it achieved in 2020. It plunged to 19% this 2021. However, there’s something to look for despite this downfall, according to the Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa.

For Furukawa, the company has managed to live through the competition through the sales of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” Nintendo said that over 40% of new Switch users had selected this game title as their first game on the console.

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Nintendo Switch to Surpass Wii’s Hardware Sales

Tech Times reported last week that Nintendo announced its nearly 93 million hardware sales of the Switch gadget. Over the past six months, the company saw substantial growth in the adoption of the said console in the market.

In another report, Tech Spot wrote that the firm is discussing the matter regarding its forecast for the fiscal year. Nintendo said that it had already updated the project sales from 190 million to 200 million games.

So far, the company has sold 8.3 million Switch consoles, where 6.45 million of them were the regular type. On the other hand, 1.82 million were reportedly Switch Lite.

Compared to Wii’s 101.63 million sales, Switch’s sales fall behind the old console. To become the leading gaming gadget, the next-gen machine will have to collect less than 10 million sales for the record.

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

For those who want to revive the nostalgia behind classic games, Nintendo has announced its online expansion for Switch last month. By purchasing this pack, the players could opt for a family plan and even access many old games from NES, N64, and other traditional consoles.

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