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NFT Game Axie Infinity Leads in Dapp Revenue at $190.9 Million in the Past 30 Days Beating Pancakeswap

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from AxieInfinity) NFT Game Axie Infinity Leads in Dapp Revenue at $190.9 Million in the Past 30 Days Beating Pancakeswap

The popular NFT game Axie Infinity has clocked in massive revenue during the past 30 days. While a lot of people remain skeptical as to whether or not NFT games really bring in a profit, with Axie Infinity’s new revenue milestone, it can be seen that blockchain games can prove beneficial to players.

Axie Infinity NFT Game

Just to be clear, it is important to note that not everyone that plays Axie Infinity will instantly be profitable due to the NFT game still being a game with both winners and losers. There is, however, a potential for pro gamers to really rake in profits through playing Axie Infinity.

As per Wu Blockchain on Twitter, during the past 30 days, Axie Infinity has been able to lead the way with a massive growth when it comes to Dapp revenue. The NFT game has been able to bring in a whopping $190.9 million in revenue from Dapps.

What are Dapps

For those that are not aware, Dapps means decentralized applications which are applications that don’t just exist anywhere on the internet but rather on the blockchain. These dapps are usually built on a certain smart contract-enabler like Ethereum.

Ethereum, however, isn’t the only smart contract-enabler as of the moment as Cardano’s Alonzo update has brought in massive expectations for it to provide a more cost-effective way for developers to create their own dapps. As of the moment, there is already a lineup for new NFT games and other projects to drop on Cardano.

Axie Infinity Beat dYdX

Going back to Axie Infinity and NFT games, with the cooling of the NFT market as the bubble has somewhat peaked, dYdX has still been able to surpass OpenSea with $66.9 million in agreed income over the period of the last 30 days. The gap between Axie Infinity at $190.9 million and dYdX at $66.9 million is extremely far.

While the Axie Infinity hyper seems to be stabilizing with the price of SLP going down, there are still a number of players that remain making a significant profit through the NFT game. Of course, it remains to be seen as to whether the project is really built for long-term growth.

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Axie Infinity Substitutes

Although Axie Infinity has already existed for quite a while, it remains to be seen whether it will remain the most profitable NFT game ever as more and more NFT games start to pop up. As of the moment, Decentraland is another NFT that is quickly gaining a lot of attention.

Just recently, MANA spiked quite massively, as seen on CoinGecko, creating an opportunity for Futures traders to rake in some profits. Whether or not Decentraland will be able to compete with Axie Infinity, however, this remains to be seen. Axie Infinity, as of the moment, remains quite an expensive NFT game to play. Here are some Axie Infinity substitutes that don’t cost that much to play.

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