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NFT for Health? Here Are Some Ventures that Is Already Focusing on Healthcare Tech for the Future

NFT for Health may seem like an overly vague concept but there are already some ventures that have focused on the tokens to be used for the future of healthcare. Technology has a good way of bringing out the best in things and helping in providing new solutions and answers to problems that have long-running confusion or hardships. 

NFT for Health

(Photo : National Cancer Institute from Unsplash )

Healthcare has been a massive concern in this pandemic as it was immediately required to transfer into the digital platform to avoid the transmission of the current virus that sparked this global crisis. 

NFTs have also been a massive focus now, and earlier this year, it has sparked a massive movement from people from creating digital art and selling it for a hefty price. This also involved the focus on blockchain or cryptocurrency, something that has been massively popular this year. 

The focus of NFT on healthcare is to highly digitalize the wellness industry into a more organized focus and integration. According to Insider Fitt, there already are countless NFT startups that have ventured into healthcare and are now helping them in their needs that cannot be answered by modern solutions to the problem.

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NFT Ventures in Health Tech Now

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Several NFT ventures include the focus on making blood donations a “token,” and it is to be distributed in NFT platforms for those that need it. It is not necessarily something to purchase or something with a price, as other blood donations are free of charge. 

One venture from a marketplace like “Aimedis” has already devised a way of digitalizing medical records so that they can be brought to doctors easily and without hassle. This saves them the trip from going back and forth to the clinic or physical locations, as well as other platforms like email, drives, and more. 

On the other hand, blockchain has already helped in focusing on the pharmaceutical industry and avoiding counterfeit drugs as it was digitalized as NFTs. This means that the industry has already helped healthcare to be more legitimate and avoid any scrutinies with what it gives out to the consumers via the tokens. 

NFT for Health: Is This the Future and Usable?

In all honesty, NFTs would not be able to deliver much on healthcare like patient-to-doctor privileges, and this may be something that would still focus on traditional solutions or focuses. However, that does not necessarily mean that people should be stuck on traditions or the past just to get the right care they need for their health.

It may be so that NFTs are in almost all categories or aspects of the world. It is a growing platform for almost everyone and something that a lot is already familiar with. 

Nevertheless, the future is technology, and even crucial things like healthcare fall into this category. NFTs for health is usable, and it has proven itself now, but not necessarily stopping there as evolution is continuous and a process. 

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