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Newegg’s Black Friday Discount Gives Crypto-Paying Customers a 20% Price Cut on PC Parts

Newegg’s Black Friday discounts are now giving its cryptocurrency-paying buyers an attractive price cut of up to 20% off on some of the PC parts available on the online retail firm.

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Newegg’s Black Friday discounts is giving cryptocurrency-paying buyers a 20% price cut on PC parts purchase.

Yes, even the PC retailer Newegg, is accepting cryptos as payments, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

In fact, the said retailer has been doing so since 2019. It comes when it began supporting the crypto wallet, BitPay, which further allowed Newegg to accept new payment methods from various cryptos.

Newegg’s Black Friday Discount for Crypto Paying Buyers

This time around, its customers are now being encouraged to use the digital asset during their buying spree this Black Friday with a 20% discount.

However, as per the report by Tom’s Hardware, the discount for crypto-paying buyers will only apply if their purchase has gone to the total bill of $500.

On top of that, the discount offering from Newegg is also limited to $200, which is still a hefty sum of savings, to begin with. That said, even if the supposed price cut is still under the 20% mark, it would still be subjected to this discount limit.

What’s more, the crypto-paying users of Newegg also need to make sure that the products that they are eyeing to buy are part of the Black Friday promotion of the retailer.

Although the crypto price cut of the PC retailer only applies to some of its product offerings, the selection is still massive enough that it covers select gaming monitors, graphics cards, CPUs, RAMs, SSDs, and hard drives.

Newegg’s Black Friday Discount: Is It Available for US Buyers?

As per the report by PCGamer, the Black Friday crypto promotion from Newegg is only available in limited locations, such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Kuwait, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

That said, buyers of PC parts in the United States will not enjoy the same price cut when paying cryptos on Newegg. Nevertheless, BitPay payment support is still in the US.

The Black Friday promotion of Newegg to crypto users has already started and will bid farewell at exactly 11:59 PM on Nov. 29. As such, crypto owners still have much time left to grab the limited price cut on some PC components.

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Crypto Prices Dip

Last Nov. 16, prices of the top cryptos went down after the crackdown for the digital asset further intensified in China.

(Photo : by OZAN KOSE/AFP via Getty Images)

Physical imitation of Bitcoins are pictured at a cryptocurrency exchange branch near the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul on October 20, 2021, a day after Bitcoin took another step closer to mainstream investing with the launch of a new security on Wall Street tied to futures of the cryptocurrency.

The government of the Asian country explained that the continued nationwide crackdown on any transactions related to cryptocurrencies is part of its efforts to reduce its carbon emissions.

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