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New Way to Earn from Axie Infinity | Virtual Land Sells Out for 550 ETH

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from AxieInfinity) New Way to Earn from Axie Infinity | Virtual Land Sells Out for 550 ETH

For Axie Infinity players that have already been earning through breeding their Axies, the game has released another way for players to earn through the now slowly popularizing virtual real estate. With that being said, game’s developers said that a Genesis Land plot sold for a whopping 550 ETH or just over $2.3 million USD.

NFT Game Sold Virtual Land for 550 ETH

As per a tweet by Axie Infinity, a land plot within the NFT game had just sold for a whopping 550 ETH or about $2.3 million. This is now the record for the most expensive plot of land being sold within the Axie Infinity universe.

Axis are known as creatures that players can command in order to battle other players, enemies, and carry out the game’s daily quests. These NFT characters can also be bred (minted), traded, and sold freely depending on the owners’ decisions.

✨A Genesis Land Plot just sold for 550 ETH!

That’s over 2.3 M USD!

Our player-owned Digital nation continues to shock the world 🙌🔥

— Axie Infinity🦇🔊 (@AxieInfinity) November 24, 2021

What’s In the Axie Infinity Virtual Land?

According to the story by CoinTelegraph, the game takes place in the magical world of Lunacia which is being inhabited by creatures called Axies. The world was actualized as a 301 x 301 square grid with every section representing a tokenized plot of land which the game calls Terra.

The plots of land can be bought, rented out, and sold to other players at will within the game. The land was just recently sold and is classified as Genesis, signifying the beginning, which is known as the rarest form of virtual real estate that is available within the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

Why are Chimeras Useful?

Monsters, otherwise known as Chimeras, spawn within the game and terrorize Lunaria. Through defeating Chimeras, players are capable of earning Smooth Love Potions which can then be sold at crypto exchanges for players to earn hard cash.

Once a player defeats a Chimera, it will also drop some other resources that can then be used in order to upgrade the players’ Axis and their land. This would increase the total earning potential for SLPs.

Genesis Land is directly located at the center of Lunacia making it a strategic place where rare Chimeras raid bosses spawn and once in a while drop special items. In addition to this, only 220 out of the wide 90,601 land slots are recognized with the Genesis classification.

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Axie Infinity Becomes Source of Income

Axie Infinity critics retain their sentiments saying there is nothing physically tangible when it comes to virtual real estate which is why they are wondering why it would pick up any value at all. For some players, however, playing Axie Infinity results in a “full-time job” which for them would deserve upfront investments.

The investments that players make within the game can be used when earning SLPs every day within the game which can even surpass the minimum wages of certain developing nations.

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