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New Mysterious Barrier in Milky Way Confuses Experts—Allegedly Blocking Cosmic Rays From Reaching Galaxy's Center

A new mysterious barrier was discovered in covering the center of the Milky Way galaxy. This was first identified by the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ space experts. 

(Photo : Photo by NASA/Getty Images)

396724 01: An image from Hubble Heritage of NGC 6782, which illustrates that the appearance of a galaxy can depend strongly on the color of the light with which it is viewed, released November 1, 2001. The spiral galaxy, when seen in visible light, exhibits tightly wound spiral arms that give it a pinwheel shape similar to that of many other spirals. However, when the galaxy is viewed in ultraviolet light with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, its shape is different.

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In the new study titled “A GeV-TeV particle component and the barrier of the cosmic-ray sea in the Central Molecular Zone,” involved researchers explained that the unknown out-of-this-world presence is located in the Milky Way’s CMZ (Central Molecular Zone). 

“Cosmic rays are an important probe of a number of fundamental physical problems such as the acceleration of high and very high energy particles in extreme astrophysical environments,” said the researchers in their new study, which was published in Nature Communications journal.

Mysterious Barrier Blocks Cosmic Rays?

Chinese Academy of Sciences experts that the Milky Way galaxy’s CMZ is an important source of cosmic rays. However, it seems like the new space barrier since they believe it blocks the space particles from reaching the galaxy’s center.  

(Photo : Photo by ESA/Getty Images)

This the European Space Agency photgraph released October 25, 2001 shows a supermassive black hole in the core of galaxy named MCG-6-30-15 as seen through the X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission (XMM-Newton) satellite. With this type of imaging, scientists for the first time have seen energy being extracted from a black hole. Like an electric dynamo, this black hole spins and pumps energy out through cable-like magnetic field lines into the chaotic gas.

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According to Unilad UK’s latest report, the newly discovered space presence is somehow similar to the protons found in supernova and black holes. As of the moment, many scientists believe that the center of the Milky Way galaxy is a supermassive black hole, which could be why the new barrier and a dead star remnant’s protons have the same qualities. 

Right now, various space agencies and independent companies are making huge discoveries outside the planet. Recently, we reported that a new solar flare was identified. 

On the other hand, the Hubble Space Telescope also captured an image of a superbubble within the Nebula galaxy. 

Other Discoveries in the Milky Galaxy 

Space.Com recently reported that the European Southern Observatory’s VLT (Very Large Telescope) found a small black hole near the Milky Way galaxy. 

Involved researchers explained that the black hole has a massive star, which is 11 times the sun’s size, orbiting around it. If you want to see more details, you can visit this link. 

For more news updates about the Milky Way Galaxy and other giant galaxies, always keep your tabs open here at TechTimes.  

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