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New Carbon Emission Chart Shows How Alarming Level Increase: China With 10 Billion Tons of Annual CO2 Emissions

A new carbon emission chart, which came from the Our World Data, showed the rising levels of CO2 emissions in China and other countries. The recent COP26 climate summit event revealed that different policymakers claimed that they would make commitments to keep the Paris Agreement ongoing.  

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The brown coal conducted thermal power station “Weisweiler” of German energy giant RWE AG spews smoke on May 12 , 2007 in Eschweiler near Aachen, Germany. The four German major energy providers Vattenfall, RWE, E.on and EnBW plan to invest more than 30 billion euros in construction and infrastructure of cole conducted power plants in Germany.

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For those who don’t know the goal of this agreement, the Paris Agreement is a legally binding international treaty on climate change published back in 2016. 

On the other hand, it was also signed by 196 nations during the COP21 back in 2015. Meanwhile, the United States recently pulled out of the agreement. 

However, the nation decided to rejoin the treaty since the CO2 emission issue across the globe is getting more serious, which was revealed in the latest chart of Our World in Data organization. 

Carbon Emissions in China Are Getting Worst?

According to CNBC’s latest report, Our World in Data’s researchers released new data to show the rising emissions across different countries. 

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Steam and exhaust rise from the steel power station HKM Huettenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH on a cold winter day on January 6, 2017 in Duisburg, Germany. According to a report released by the European Copernicus Climate Change Service, 2016 is likely to have been the hottest year since global temperatures were recorded in the 19th century. According to the report the average global surface temperature was 14.8 degrees Celsius.

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Based on the new chart, the Asian country’s CO2 emission problem has a rising trend. In 2020, China’s factories emitted more than 10 billion carbon emissions. 

The new data also shows that the main reason is fossil fuels’ burning. Right now, the new chart of Our World in Data shows that China is expected to emit more CO2 in the following years. 

Meanwhile, the United States, E.U., South Korea, and the remaining countries are included in the database only have less than 5 billion tons of CO2 emissions in 2020. 

CO2 gas is quite concerning because of its negative effects and new sources that emit it. Recently, we reported that one hour of video call emits more than 1,000 grams of carbon dioxide. In other news, northern farms generate more than 40 billion tons of CO2. 

Agriculture Also Emits Large Amount of CO2? 

NPR reported that agriculture also plays a major role in the rising carbon emissions across the globe. 

Because of this, experts said that people’s food choices in different countries could reduce their carbon footprint. This is why other individuals claimed that being vegetarian is a great solution if the world wants to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions.

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