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Netflix Gaming iOS: App Store Games Availability is Coming Because Apple is Strict on Sideloading

Netflix Gaming for the iOS may seem impossible at first, but speculations on the company’s venture would work around the many restrictions of the Apple App Store, especially with regards to sideloading. The solution that was reportedly what Netflix would do is to make these titles available to the App Store, meaning that there would not be any sideloading to happen. 

Netflix Gaming iOS: Working Around Sideloading

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The Netflix Gaming venture may come to the iOS, but it would have to work around the sideloading restrictions of the company, or its entire lack of it, as it is the setup for Android. According to Mark Gurman via the Bloomberg Power On Newsletter, Netflix would make their games available on the App Store for it to work. 

The only thing that would happen is that after downloading it from the App Store, the game would only be accessible from Netflix Gaming’s application that would launch the title. The workaround would be viable for both Netflix and Apple, as it does not violate any of the agreements regarding sideloading, as well as opening it up to iOS users. 

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Netflix Gaming for Android is on Global Release

Android is currently having the time of its life, and this is because it allows sideloading or third-party launchers and installers to function on its platform. Netflix’s service is up and running there, soon having a worldwide availability for all of its users and fans. 

Several countries have been enjoying Netflix’s game service for months now, and it is seeing its initial offers from the popular streaming company. 

Netflix Gaming: What to Expect

Netflix Gaming was a massive talk earlier this year, especially as it became unprecedented for the company to release a gaming service that was initially rumored to be in partnership with other companies. However, it was not a gaming venture with the likes of Sony or other companies, as the company aims to debut it themselves. 

The availability of Netflix Gaming is at a testing phase only, having Poland be the country where it initially rolled out its beta. After which, the company has branched out to other European countries like Spain and Italy before announcing its coming availability that would come for all countries or a worldwide release. 

The Netflix Gaming feature is only available for Android devices now, particularly because Google is the only company among the top smartphone operating systems that allow sideloading. Apple is still fighting it out with Europe, but it is not yet a clear-cut win for both parties. 

That being said, the workaround of Netflix would help in debuting its service to the Apple platform, but nothing is yet confirmed by the streaming and gaming company. 

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