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NASA, SpaceX Crew-3 Sees Delay for Nov. 8 Launch as Crew-2 Returns, Reschedules for Wednesday

NASA and SpaceX’s joint mission for the launch of Crew-3 is yet again delayed from its Monday, November 8 schedule, pushing further for the third time already. The mission that was originally planned for Halloween, October 31, is now delayed until Wednesday, November 10, and its reason is because of the many reasons the crew has faced.

NASA, SpaceX Crew-3 Sees Another Delay

(Photo : SpaceX via Twitter)

NASA and SpaceX Crew-3 is seeing another delay on the launch of its astronauts towards the International Space Station, featuring another reason for a subsequent rescheduling to their plans. The original November 8 resched from last week is now meant for Wednesday, November 10. Weather is looking good for its next flight.

SpaceX has announced via Twitter that there is another delay to the supposed Crew Dragon launch that the team has been preparing for weeks now, after two previous ones to the mission. Almost hours before its supposed launch on Monday, November 8, the space company and agency called it off for today to make both parties ready by Wednesday.

By both parties, it means that NASA and SpaceX decided to make the hand-off or their inaugural change of crew to be done here on Earth instead of having it in orbit aboard the space station. That was what the original Crew-1 and Crew-2 did when they reached orbit and the former crew that has expired their time and stayed in the ISS.

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Following Crew-2’s return to Earth, Falcon 9 will launch Dragon’s third long-duration crew mission to the @Space_Station as soon as Wednesday, November 10; weather forecast is 80% favorable for liftoff

— SpaceX (@SpaceX) November 7, 2021

NASA and SpaceX Crew-3 Delays

Initially, the announcement of SpaceX for Crew-3’s November 8 launch was announced only more than five hours ahead of the rescheduling, and it seems that there was an immediate change of plans. However, certain circumstances were faced by the company, hence the numerous delays that have shown up with regards to the mission.

NASA SpaceX Missions

NASA and SpaceX had partnered up for the third time in bringing astronauts to the International Space Station aboard the reusable crew spacecraft known as the Crew Dragon. The joint venture of NASA would be its third launch of the collaboration between the two, under the Commercial Crew program, which makes them at stake for the crew launches.

It is known that the other half of the contract lies with Boeing and its Starliner spacecraft, which is still facing valve and other rocket issues, preventing its mission for NASA. Currently, SpaceX has made two successful launches, with the second soon returning to the surface and the third awaiting its launch, while Boeing is still finalizing their spacecraft.

The weather remains favorable for the Wednesday launch, seeing an 80 percent green light to their launch in Kennedy Space Center to bring these new crew to replace those who have finished their stint. Currently, they await the launch and the change of weather in determining if November 10 is the right time for their mission to begin.

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