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NASA ISS Astronauts Harvest Hatch Chile in Orbit, Making Space Tacos In The Process

NASA’s ISS Astronauts have harvested its successful orbit-grown green Hatch chile peppers, which the team has showcased to the world, adding it to their space tacos made right out of the space station. The team’s research has paid off, bringing successful research into fruition and growing produce in space aboard the space station.

NASA’s ISS Green Hatch Chiles

(Photo : NASA)

NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei tends to chile pepper plants in the station’s Advanced Plant Habitat prior to harvesting of the peppers for taste tests as part of the Plant Habitat-04 investigation.

NASA astronauts and other space people aboard the International Space Station have successfully seen a display of an actual harvest of New Mexico variant, Hatch, chile peppers right in orbit. The plant grew out of the so-called microgravity and was able to thrive, bringing a successful harvest of hatch chile right out of Plant Habitat-04.

Last Friday was the harvest day of the astronauts, wherein they were able to take the fresh hatch chiles out of its actual plant and stem and were able to hold in hand actual produce in space. The plant took months before it successfully brought out its fruit and bore its achievement as history for the ISS and its astronauts.

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NASA ISS Astronauts: Space Tacos

What better way to celebrate and assess the hatch chiles than to have a taco party, right? Yes, this is exactly what the NASA ISS astronauts did over the weekend. According to Astronaut Megan McArthur, the team took fajita beef, as well as rehydrating dried-out tomatoes and artichokes, tortilla, and the hatch chiles to make “space tacos” right in orbit.

Friday Feasting! After the harvest, we got to taste red and green chile. Then we filled out surveys (got to have the data! 😁). Finally, I made my best space tacos yet: fajita beef, rehydrated tomatoes & artichokes, and HATCH CHILE!

— Megan McArthur (@Astro_Megan) October 29, 2021

NASA ISS and Its Wonders

Space food is highly associated with military food as they are ready-to-eat meals that were preserved until the time they are needed to be consumed by the astronauts. However, it is not entirely correct or accurate, especially as NASA and other space agencies have demonstrated how the food in space is made and packed for its researchers.

The ISS is a place known to harbor an international consortium of individuals that come together to work on a single goal, and that is to research different aspects of science while in orbit. The ISS has been a place for many research and studies, but it has also been a place to shoot films, as done by a Russian film crew ahead of the plans by Hollywood with Tom Cruise.

Not only are research and shooting films the things to do in the space station, as it also can be a place to grow organic food, such as the hatch chiles mentioned earlier. The researchers are doing this not only for consuming but also to assess its feasibility, especially in growing various crops or produce while in orbit.

The hatch chile is one of the many possible foods to be planted and grown in space, and the future is yet to come.

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