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NASA Calls For New Framework That Will Help Scientists to Identify Possible Life in Space

Life in space remains uncertain as many organizations continue their discovery about the existence of other organisms. NASA, for instance, is now headed to seek more potential life forms through a new framework.

Over the past years, agencies have wanted to explore the extent of the universe. The proposal of the international space agency would assist the scientists in detecting more about this subject.

NASA Framework En Route to Space Life Discovery

(Photo : NASA from Unsplash)

NASA is exploring to develop a framework that will help the experts in detecting potential life forms in space. Read more about the agency’s plans about that.

Jim Green, a chief scientist in NASA has tackled using a scale that could identify the origin of some organisms in space. According to a report by Slash Gear on Wednesday, Nov. 3, the organization wants to carry out investigations on the possibility of life in another planetary object.

Beyond the cosmos, Green said that he believes in the explanation when it comes to an understanding of the vast universe. Through the help of advanced technology, the mission could be accomplished for a cause of discovering what lies beyond space.

Green added that NASA’s Technology Readiness Scale should be utilized for this exploration. If the scientists manage to look for possible life in space, the findings could be noted in the astrobiology studies.

The real test depends on NASA if they would push through the voyage. In fact, they could potentially conclude only two possibilities: life in space is true or not.

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Slash Gear also included in the report that NASA is excited about this space venture. Even with tiny progress, this scale could slowly determine the existence of life on a distant planet.

Last month, NASA scientists gathered rock samples from the Mars Perseverance rover. The experts said that this process could hint at the existing organisms that live in the past.

NASA has not yet disclosed the entire details regarding the scale but judging from its capability, and the team is headed towards a certain goal. There are three steps on the scale.

First, the team would tackle the relevant molecule of a living thing. The second one will revolve around verifying this molecule and making sure that it will not be affected by the measurement of the tools. Lastly, the third level will describe the behavior of the biological signals in a particular place.

In the future, we could see some progress in NASA’s scale. If the agency focuses more on this project, the scientists could conduct more tests that will eventually highlight the program’s real goal.

NASA Announces Medical Delay in SpaceX Launch

Earlier this week, Reuters reported that NASA talked about the health-related issue that postponed the launch of the SpaceX rocket to the ISS.

The space agency rescheduled the original launch date to Saturday night, Nov.6.

NASA Astronauts Reap Space-Growth Chile Peppers

In the unlikeliest of circumstances, growing plants in space remain a possibility, especially with the intervention of modern technology. This month, the ISS astronauts harvested the green hatch chiles which will eventually become space tacos.

According to the involved persons, the plant has developed through microgravity.

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