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Nanoracks Starlab: Inflatable Space Station is the Future of Orbital Research Facility, To Launch by 2027

Nanoracks is looking to debut an inflatable space station that would be the future of orbital research facilities by 2027, and it is with the venture called “Starlab.” The venture is in partnership with a lot of space companies now, and it only shows that a lot is looking into the new design of space stations to be used by humans soon. 

Inflatable Space Station

(Photo : Nanoracks)

Nanoracks “Starlab” the free floating Inflatable Space Station to be launched by 2027.

The inflatable space station is not yet here, but it is a concept that Nanoracks, along with Voyager Space and Lockheed Martin Teaming, has recently announced that they are already working on. The venture of the inflatable space station focuses on the so-called “Starlab”, which would be the take on the new form of the floating orbital research facility. 

However, it is not something that has a prototype now, as it is still a concept that is being made by the team. Moreover, it was said to be a “free-flying space station” venture. Despite being free-flying, it would not steer away from the low Earth orbit or LEO but would not be locked onto one position and remain there for its stay. 

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New Space Station in 2027?

Of course, the focus of Nanoracks and the collaboration is to deliver a new space station to be utilized by 2027, and it would have better integration and tech to be featured. The International Space Station is fairly old and is in dire need of an upgrade, but it is a work-in-progress from NASA and other space agencies.

It may be so that Nanoracks’ venture would be the answer to that in the coming year before this decade ends. 

The International Space Station

The International Space Station is a fairly old one already, as it was initially launched and began its service in November 1998, and it would turn 23 in the coming month. That being said, it has already faced several cracks on different modules, with it being normal wear and tear for the orbiting research facility that was used by the space community. 

The old age and depreciation of the ISS are inevitable, and frankly, the many problems it faces are a threat to astronauts and all of its current dwellers that are floating on Earth’s low-Earth orbit (LEO). Nevertheless, the ISS is still a place where the world’s space community will come together, and it should withstand any happenings for the future of space. 

That being said, the new inflatable space station by Nanoracks with the Starlab would greatly answer the need for a new space station. It would be cost-effective and faster to manufacture to ensure that it would be in place once it needed to be replaced. 

The future of space is an integral part of moving forward from where the planet is now, and as people say, “the future is space,” is not an opinion anymore as it is the focus of upcoming ventures. 

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