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'Moondusa,' a Medusa and Moon-Themed NFT Collection, Launches on Nov. 12

“Moondusa,” a collection of moon-themed Medusa NFTs, is set to launch on November 12. There are a total of 8,888 NFTs in the collection. The NFT collection will launch at 2 p.m.

The developers of the “Moondusa” NFTs are also planning to donate to different charities such as Powerful Paws Animal Rescue and Upstate Fresh Water Institute throughout the first phase of the project.

Holders can expect an online merchandise store, a video game, 3D models of the “Moondusa” NFTs, and even a tattoo parlor in the future. Events, giveaways, and the chance to develop and launch NFT collections are other things that holders can look forward to.

“Moondusa” NFT Collection Launches

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“Moondusa,” a collection of 8,888 moon-themed Medusa NFTs, is set to release for minting on November 12 at 2 p.m. Each NFT costs 0.07 Ethereum (ETH) plus gas. Each transaction is limited to only 20 “Moondusa” NFTs.

“Moondusa” joins other NFT collections scheduled for launch on November 12. According to a list compiled by, other NFTs that will be released on the said date include “CyperHumans” and “Block Ape Scissors.”

According to the “Moondusa” website, each NFT is “randomly generated with a unique combination of background, body, outfit, neck accessory, mouth, eyes, and snake hair.”

During the first phase of the NFT project, the developers of the collection are planning to make donations to Powerful Paws Animal Rescue, Vera House Inc., and Upstate Fresh Water Institute, worth $8,888 each.

Future Plans of “Moondusa” Developers

Exciting things await every “Moondusa” NFT holder. “Moondusa” NFT developers revealed via the official that among the things that holders can look forward to are an online merchandise and clothing store, an upcoming video, and even a “Moondusa” tattoo parlor.

There are also giveaways to be expected in the future, especially if a holder happens to be a fan of Versace. Holders can get a chance to win a Versace robe as well as a Versace Mansion VIP vacation.

The developers are also planning to launch a “Starving Artist” program, which aims to help three artists develop and launch their own NFT collections.

Other future plans of the developers include a meetup event in New York City and a two-day “Moondusa” yacht party in Miami, where the top 50 discord users will be invited. A “Moondusa” coin called MOONEY will also be launched.

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Other Examples of Female-Inspired NFT Collections

While Medusa is a mythological character, the “Moondusa” NFT collection is the last example of NFT collections that feature females.

Other NFT collections that are inspired by females or women include the biker-themed “Outlaw Gals Motorcycle Club” and “Crypto.Chicks,” an NFT collection that aims to highlight the importance of women in the crypto space.

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