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Mono Infection in Teenage Years Correlated with MS Diagnosis After 20 | Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Could be Related to 'Kissing Disease'

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Mono Infection in Teenage Years Correlated with MS Diagnosis After 20 | Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Could be Related to ‘Kissing Disease’

Mono infection in teenage years has reportedly been correlated with MS diagnosis after the age of 20. Recent research has found that multiple sclerosis diagnosis could actually be related to “kissing disease.”

Mononucleosis in Childhood or Adolescence

Over 2.3 million people all around the world are now living with multiple sclerosis diagnoses, as per NationalMSSociety. It was stated that the new research currently reveals that developing the particular disease could be linked to contracting mononucleosis in childhood or even adolescence.

Mono is also known as the “kissing disease.” As reported by JamaNetwork, which was published earlier this October 2021, scientists in the United Kingdom and Sweden discovered the correlation by using data from around 2.5 million Swedish people. 

MS Diagnosis After Age 20

The research found that a mono infection during teenage years could be correlated with MS diagnosis after the age of 20. Researchers even noted that the total risk of being diagnosed with MS decreases when a certain person gets older, increases when they contract mono.

The study that was conducted by the Swedish Total Population Register was done in order to identify individuals born between January 1, 1958 to December 31, 1994, and reached the age of 25 by January 1, 1990 to December 31, 2019 and how potential mono affected them. Participants were then followed up every 15 years from 1978 to 2018. 

Researchers’ Accurate Findings

In order to create certain accurate findings, researchers now also factored in the participants’ sex, parents’ age at birth, as well as birth order along with an MS diagnosis in a parent. Scientists now also took into account the health of the individual’s siblings. In 2017, an Australian man sued American Airlines for injuries that were sustained after spending 14 hours on a plane when seated next to the person were two obese passengers.

Of the total 2,492,980 participants evaluated, 5,867 had an MS diagnosis after reaching the age of 20 as per the study. The median age of this diagnosis was discovered to be 31. In 2014, scientists also discovered a method to create, delete, and reactivate memory providing hope for those with Alzheimers.

The researchers found the significant influence of age when it comes to increase in diagnosis. Genetics have been also closely taken into account in order to come up with more accurate findings.

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Increased Risk for MS Diagnosis

The research authors reportedly wrote that there were associations observed between both infectious mononucleosis in childhood as well as adolescence along with an increased risk for an MS diagnosis. The particular association remained significant after controlling for certain shared familial factors.

Researchers now think that age range could reflect variation in susceptibility to certain environmental exposures due to the developmental changes of the immune system as well as the central nervous system. MS is said to be a disease of the immune system that would eat away the protective covering of the nerves.

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