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Microsoft PowerToys Update Includes Find My Mouse, Video Conference Mute—How to Use Them

Microsoft PowerToys update introduces new features, such as Find My Mouse, Video Conference Mute, to its general users.

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A view of the new Microsoft Surface Laptop following a Microsoft launch event, May 2, 2017 in New York City. The Windows 10 S operating system is geared toward the education market and is Microsoft’s answer to Google’s Chrome OS.

Microsoft PowerToys: Find My Mouse, Video Conference Mute

As per the report by XDA-Developers, the 0.49 update of PowerToys brings two major tools to its stable release. It comes after Microsoft tested it for a long time in the experimental version of the freeware system utility app that was made for power users.

It is worth noting that the Video Conference Mute tools have been found on the experimental release of PowerToys for over a year already. Now that some companies are already ditching video conferences as they are slowly getting back to their offices.

Nevertheless, the said feature on PowerToys will still be handy for the endless Zoom calls that some are still stuck with.

Microsoft Power Toys: Video Conference Mute

But what does the Video Conference Mute tool do in the first place?

According to the latest report of The Verge, the new feature of PowerToys in its stable release lets its users universally mute their mic, as well as turn off their video cam.

What’s more, the universal switch for mics and webcams works not just on Windows 11, but it also does the job in the older Windows 10.

On top of that, The Verge went on to reveal that the new PowerToys tool for video conferences allows its users to create a shortcut on their keyboards.

Not just that, the Video Conference Mute also lets its users selectively mute and turn off webcams and microphones, depending on the preferences of the user.

Although Microsoft previously revealed that its major operating system update, the Windows 11, is supposed to get the universal mute button, it, unfortunately, did not make it.

Instead, Microsoft, which is now valued at $2.46 Trillion, decided to stuff the said feature on its freeware that goes by the name PowerToys.

It is worth adding that PowerToys is one of the built-in apps that Microsoft included in its Windows 11 update, along with the upgraded Photos, Paint, and Calculator apps.

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Microsoft PowerToys: Find My Mouse

On the other hand, the second major tool that Microsoft’s PowerToys introduced in its 0.49 update is the Find My Mouse feature.

As the name clearly suggests, the Find My Mouse utility helps its users look for their cursor.

Although Windows has had its built-in option to look for a cursor since ages ago, the PowerToys feature makes life easier for its users.

Through PowerToys’ Find My Mouse tool, users will only need to double-tap on the Ctrl button. Then, the whole screen will go dark to highlight where your cursor has been sitting all along.

It is to note that the said feature could be a welcome feature for power users with massive displays that they could no longer locate their cursor.

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