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'Microsoft Flight Simulator' Get Free Updates for Game of the Year Edition, Courtesy of Xbox But What’s New?

“Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020” has a free update for this upcoming holidays and it would be the availability of “Game of the Year Edition” for all gamers that purchased the title from Microsoft. The Xbox Live Wire has reiterated that the game would focus on bringing its premium features for upgrades, something that would focus on the offers of the title. 

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020’: Game of the Year Edition to Update for Free for Gamers

(Photo : Xbox via YouTube)

“Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Game of the Year Edition” is coming for free to gamers as an update from Microsoft and Xbox, and it brings a treat to the gamers that focus on gamers for the Xbox Series S and X. The game would also have an update for the PC gaming platform, bringing the Game of the Year Edition.

The new update would bring the different offers of “GOTY,” as it is the more premium version of the simulator game, something that Microsoft would give as a treat this coming holidays. The treat for gamers would focus on the upgraded version of the MFS 2020, bringing the extra content that Xbox has for all its fans and enthusiast. 

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‘MFS 2020: GOTY’: What’s New With the Special Version from Microsoft?

According to Xbox Live Wire, the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Game of the Year Edition will have a special add on of the following:

  • Five new handcrafted aircraft
  • Eight new airports
  • Six Discovery Flights 
  • Updated weather systems and incorporated all six World Updates

These are only the add-ons for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: GOTY release, but these could also be added to the many current offers of the game for all that use it.

(Photo : @practicallygeek via Twitter)

‘MFS 2020’: The Popularity of the Game Since its Release

Just last month, the “Microsoft Flight Simulator” has released its most anticipated Game of the Year Edition that brings a new light to the popular simulator game of being a pilot and flying aircraft globally. One of the main focuses of MFS 2020 is to bring people to different places and make them feel the experience of being a pilot in the general sense. 

The game was a popular release last year, something which Microsoft has updated after a long time of having it on the drawing boards and since its last release. Some gamers have been bored with the simulation game that has no end goal in general, something that was given a mod to have a certain story and career mode. 

Nevertheless, the “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020” maybe a year since its release, but it remains a game that captures the heart of those that aspire to be flying an aircraft someday. It was said that the MFS 2020 is a good training ground for aspiring pilots as it focuses on a real-world situation of flying throughout different layouts and aircraft.  

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