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Microsoft Buys Clear Software to Help Improve Automation Technologies | Building SAP and Oracle

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Microsoft Buys Clear Software to Help Improve Automation Technologies | Building SAP and Oracle

Microsoft has just bought Clear Software to help the company improve its own automation technologies. This is to help Microsoft’s Power Apps and Power Automate platforms. This will be to build automation over systems like SAP and Oracle finally.

Microsoft Buys Clear Software

It was just announced that Microsoft acquired Clear Software, a Zionsville Indiana-based startup developing enterprise software automation technologies. In the said blog post, Stephen Siciliano, Microsoft’s partner general manager, noted that Clear’s own solutions will make everything a more seamless experience by using Microsoft’s own Power Apps and Power Automate platforms to build automation over certain systems like SAP and Oracle.

Siciliano noted that organizations depend on their own business applications to work quite seamlessly across a number of different systems and data stores. Customers reportedly need to know that their most critical business processes are all built to optimize working across those particular systems and data sets no matter how complex the process becomes, as per Siciliano.

Power Platform Integrates with Outside Systems

According to the story by VentureBeast, it was noted that customers will benefit from the stronger Power Platform integrations and outside systems. Clear was reportedly founded in 2015 by a certain Jonathan Gilman and is known to provide an integration platform-as-a-service or IPaaS and business process products along with connectivity into SAP and Oracle.

Clear’s own service supports the whole development of integration flows connecting the cloud-based processes, apps, services, and data with about 100 prebuilt abstractions. These abstractions can be customized to support the organizations’ needs. Facebook has just opened 10,000 jobs in Europe as the company is now committing towards a metaverse which is a huge step forward for the company.

Clear Raised $5.5 Million from Investors

Before the acquisition, Clear raised a whopping $5.5 million from certain investors, including Colina Ventures and MK Capital. Siciliano noted that Clear’s API access and system knowledge will now strengthen Power Platform’s integration along with outside systems and accelerate just how customers leverage data as well as processes that reside outside Microsoft’s first-party services.

It was noted that they want to make things easier for customers in order to integrate a number of systems when they build business applications with Power Platform. It was noted that they would share more with their customers regarding how to access the new capabilities in the upcoming future.

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How AI Affects Business

Both intelligent process automation, as well as robotic process automation is known to be big business. This is the technology that reportedly automates monotonous and repetitive chores that human workers usually perform. The Google AI department gets a class-action lawsuit for using 1.6 million confidential medical records of NHS patients.

Forrester gives an estimate that intelligent process automation and AI subfields actually created jobs for 40% of companies in 2019. This made a tenth of startups employ more digital workers compared to human workers.

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