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Meta Trademark Applicants Open to Give Way to Facebook but for a Price

Urian B., Tech Times

(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) Meta Trademark Applicants Open to Give Way to Facebook but for a Price

When Facebook wants something done, it’s most likely that they will find a way to get it. With the company’s decision to change its name to “Meta,” existing trademark applicants of “Meta” are now supposedly open to selling the trademark to Mark Zuckerberg. Of course, this would come at a price.

Trademark Applicants of ‘Meta’

According to the story by HypeBeast, the trademark applicants of “Meta” are now supposedly open to selling to the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for the rebranding of Facebook. This, however, would still come at a price.

When HypeBeast spoke to TMZ, a certain Meta PC founders Zack Shutt and Joe Darger, shared that while their petition has yet to be granted, they are still very willing to stop their application for the price of a whopping $20 million USD might actually seem quite excessive. It was noted that the pair pointed out that they will soon be required to completely rebrand the Meta PC if Zuckerberg decides to pay.

Mark Zuckerberg Rebranding of Facebook

As of the moment, however, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has not yet given a response to the recent offer of Darger and Shutt. The Facebook founder reportedly announced the new and exciting social media platform’s rebranding in late October 2021. Zuckerberg gave this statement during a publicly held conference introducing Facebook’s new name and its purpose.

It was noted that starting from the announcement, the company is going to be “metaverse first.” It was noted during the announcement that their brand is now so closely linked to just one product that it might not possibly represent everything that they are already doing today and “let alone in the future.”

Facebook to Venture Into the Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg then continued noting that over time, he hopes that the company will be seen as a metaverse company. The Facebook founder expressed that he wants to anchor his work and identity directly on what the company is building towards.

The announcement by Facebook noting the company’s plan to venture into the metaverse was greeted with massive attention. Of course, one of the most notable reactions was the new Facebook meta memes that started to circulate online.

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Facebook Meta Affect on Cryptocurrency

It wouldn’t be Facebook-related if a little humor wasn’t splashed over the announcement. As of the moment, new Facebook Meta memes are now sprouting left and right both on popular social media as well as other media outlets.

The Facebook Meta announcement has also reportedly affected game concept tokens bringing the price up significantly. As of the moment, MANA is one of the most positively affected tokens due to the announcement of the Facebook Meta announcement.

According to Wu Blockchain on Twitter, however, the highest growth seen due to the name change was StarLink or STARL that saw a whopping 126% increase in 24 hours. When it comes to long-term gains, however, it is still important to DYOR before investing in any potential token.

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